straighten the jointsReaLine


[Arrange the jointsReaLine】

Corrects joint distortionReaLine」
In the first place, aligning the joints means
Do you know what's going on?

Distortion of joints occurs from slight misalignment of bones.
If this distortion is left alone, it will eventually become
I invite you to get sick.

Aligning joints means
Correcting this distortion = restoring it to its original state.
By keeping the bones in place before the discomfort occurs
We aim to heal from the root.

There are many ways to temporarily relieve the discomfort.
ReaLineis not transient,
The point is from the root!

In addition, at sports sites and hospitals such as orthopedics,
in rehab after injury
ReaLineYou are using a lot of our products,
「ReaLine” from before the injury
It should be used as a preventive measure
It's the best way to use it.

Getting injured = Painful, painful, withdrawing from the battlefield
And it's going to be a bit of a painful period.
To prevent it, first before sports
「ReaLineby doing
You can make a body that is hard to get hurt!

ReaLineThe products are legs, knees, hips,thoraxSuch
Can reach all joints of the whole body
Although it is a lineup
First of all, it is easy to enter from the basic "foot".

When the legs are in place, the knees and hip joints
You will be able to keep yourself in good shape naturally.

As a typical item to prepare your feet,
・ReaLine Socks(ReaLine·socks)
・ReaLine Insole(ReaLine・Insole)!
Not only for those who suffer from foot injuries,
From now on, sports as a hobby,
Or for children who are planning to start full-scale activities such as club activities
Why don't you consider it once?

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