What kind of product is ReaLine Core?

ReaLine Coreってどんな商品?

[What kind of product is ReaLine Core? ]

Now used by many top athletes
How to use this Instagram effectively
I introduce it from time to time,
This time, the developer Kazuyoshi Kamata (@kazuyoshigamada)but
Introducing what we talked about on our YouTube channel!

ReaLine・The core is the pelvis andthoraxadjust the distortion of
In other words, it is often recognized as a product that prepares the bones.
In fact, it's a good thing to make your muscles together!

Distortion of joints creates a situation where muscles are difficult to work.
In other words, by adjusting the joints
The muscles attached there are the result of a stable base
Make the most of your original functions
be able to demonstrate
about it.
This will also lead to better performance!

FurthermoreReaLine・With the core attached
Muscle training is also possible, so muscles can function
Remain in a state of maximum performance
It is also possible to increase muscle strength efficiently!

To prepare bones and muscles at the same time
Exercise while holding the pelvis in a good position with your hands at a clinic, etc.
It was also done in the form of
A product that you can do it by yourself
It seems to be possible, and it is a product that has never existed before!

It can be said that it is the only one in Japan that can prepare bones and muscles at the same time
Would you like to experience the effect once?

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