What kind of product is ReaLine Core?

ReaLine Coreってどんな商品?

[What kind of product is ReaLine Core?]

Realign Core is now used by many top athletes!
I also introduce effective ways to use it on Instagram.
This time, the developer, Kazuyoshi Kamada ( @kazuyoshigamada )
We'll show you what we talked about on our YouTube channel!

Realign Core is often thought of as a product that corrects distortions of the pelvis and rib cage, in other words, aligns the bones, but it is actually an excellent product that also aligns the muscles!

Joint distortion makes it difficult for muscles to function.
In other words, by aligning the joints, the muscles attached to them will have a stable base and will be able to perform their natural functions to the fullest.
This also translates into better performance!

What's more, you can still do strength training while wearing the Realign Core, so you can effectively increase your strength while keeping your muscles functioning at their maximum potential!

At treatment clinics, aligning bones and muscles simultaneously is often done by using your hands to hold the pelvis in a good position while doing exercises, but there seems to be a product that allows you to do this by yourself, and this is the first such product!

Realign Core is the only product in Japan that can align both bones and muscles at the same time!
Why not try it out for yourself and experience its effects?

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