Balance shoes that help you get into the habit of bending your knees straight


[Balance shoes that help you get into the habit of bending your knees straight]

This time, we will introduce Realign balance shoes that will help you get into the habit of bending your knees straight!

Why do you have to bend your knees straight in the first place?
When doing squats, the instructor tells you to "point your kneecaps and toes in the same direction!"
I think it's common to be instructed like this.
So why do we need to bend our kneecaps and toes in the same direction, i.e. straight?

There are a number of reasons for this, but one of them is the strain it puts on the knees.
The knee joint has various muscles, ligaments and other tissues on the inside and outside.

For example, if you repeatedly turn your knees inward when squatting, the ligaments on the inside of your knees will be put under more stress than usual.
Also, you may end up repeating movements that do not properly exert the strength of your inner muscles, which means you will not get the results you are hoping for from your muscle training.

Without unevenly distributing the burden on the knee joint,
In order to get the most out of your targeted muscle training, it's best to repeat the exercise while bending your body straight.

In addition, even outside of training, repeated bending of the knee inward or outward excessively during sports movements can cause pain or damage to the ligaments in the knee joint in the event of contact or other accidents.

The Realign balance shoes have an axis on the bottom of the foot that guides the knee to bend straight, so by repeatedly practicing with them on, your child will learn and develop the habit of bending their knee in a straight line even when they are not wearing them!

As a pre-practice conditioning
Using balance shoes can also help prevent injuries during practice!

Those who suffer from knee injuries,
Those who want to learn how to use their knees correctly,
Would you like to try balance shoes?

It is also recommended for high school clubs where injuries are common!

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