What is the point of choosing a pelvic belt?


During pregnancy and after giving birth, many mothers
It seems that you are using a pelvic belt.

whether you need a pelvic belt,
I have talked about it before,
It's not necessarily what you need.
My pelvis opened after giving birth, and it didn't return after that...
I have nothing to fear,
There is no need to rush and prepare.

However, if you are worried about your waist or buttocks,
It can be said that it is a valid item!

Pre- and post-natal disorders are likely to occur
sacroiliac joint
A joint in the pelvis.
Even if this joint is slightly displaced from its normal position,
You may experience unexpected pain.

In such cases, use a pelvic belt to support the sacroiliac joints.
Stabilizing it often makes things easier.

The pelvic belt is a net, etc.
You can get it easily and cheaply
When choosing to buy, pay attention to
This is the point☟

・Pinpoint support for the part you want to support
・The tightness can be finely adjusted
These two points!

There is a sense of security in the large type that covers the waist and stomach.
Tightening unnecessary parts,
It can lead to secondary malfunctions.

In the case of pain specific to postpartum where you are concerned about the buttocks,
Thin type for pinpoint
Something that can be tightened is accurate and good.
(In the case of so-called normal low back pain, where you are more concerned about your lower back than your buttocks, you can also use the type that covers a large area.)

In addition, the adjustment of the tightness and the part to be tightened are
than the Velcro type
Things that can be tightened with a buckle or the like are better
It is hard to loosen and there is little worry of slippage.

The pelvic belt recommended by Reauty is
Rehaby Belt(Rehaby・Belt) is a pelvic belt.
This belt pinpoints the sacroiliac joint
It has a stabilizing structure,
so that it can be tightened tightly
It can be used all day without worrying about looseness!

Those who are worried about purchasing a pelvic belt,
Why don't you consider Rehaby Belt once?

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