How do you use this? Perinelizer Edition


Popular item of Reauty this time
Reauty Perinelizer
I will explain how to use it easily!

This item is in the pelvis
Small muscles called pelvic floor muscles
It's a revitalizing item!
Pregnancy, childbirth, and aging can affect muscle function.
If you don't take care of it, it will fade away.
One of the problems that occurs when pelvic floor muscle function declines
"Butt slack" can be given.
(In addition, medically, it seems that the occurrence of urinary leakage is also said.)

Even if you do your best to train your buttocks,
If you can't get the style you want
Paying attention to your pelvic floor muscles can also help!

◎How to use Reauty Perinelizer☟
①Basically, just sitting is OK!
Put it on when you sit in a chair, and even just sitting for a short time will improve the movement of your pelvic floor muscles.
When you have time, you can also get the effect of muscle training by exercising.
・ Repeatedly opening and closing the legs
・Exhale strongly
・Stand up the pelvis and lie down

Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles with these simple exercises
You can train!
For those who train regularly
After exercising with Reauty Perinelizer
Regular training makes it easier to get stronger
It is easy to realize that the movement is smooth!

"Prepare the condition of muscles and pelvis" before regular training
How about using it as a position?

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