Recommended for athletes! An item that adjusts the movement of the hip joint is now available★


This time, we will introduce new items that will be released this spring.

Its name is "Perinelizer"
*The name may change at the time of release.
This item improves the function of the pelvic floor muscles.
Moreover, it is easy to use, just sit down and OK!

●What are pelvic floor muscles?
Pelvic floor muscles exist in many layers in the pelvis.
A general term for small muscles.
Because it overlaps with many layers, it may take a long time or a long time to apply pressure such as sitting.
It may become difficult to slip on each other and the original function may not be exhibited.
This muscle is small, but it has a very important function.
As you may have heard, when function declines,
It is said that symptoms such as urine leakage will come out.

However, many athletes do not suffer from such symptoms.
It often appears as a malfunction around the hip and pelvis.
Even if you think you're fine,
After using perinealizer
We have heard that the hip joints are lighter and the legs are easier to move!
For athletes who often run
This item is a must-try!

Currently, we are selling colors for women (pink, gray),
In the spring of 2023, it is scheduled to be released in ReaLine colors that are easy for athletes to use!

If you are interested, please also include information on Instagram, Twitter, etc.
Please check it out★ 


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