ReaLine・Additional saddle product line-up

リアライン・サドル 商品ラインナップの追加について

ReaLine・We sell a product that includes a saddle and a "yagura" that is necessary when installing a bicycle.


■ Product lineup

ReaLine・Saddle (saddle only) 13,200 yen (tax included)

ReaLine・Saddle (yagura set) 13,750 yen (tax included)


■ Product color (saddle)

2 colors, black and brown


■ Product reservation page:


If you order only the saddle, you will need to remove the saddle from the "yagura" attached to your bicycle and replace it.

If the "yagura" part is rusted or the screws are difficult to turn, please order the yagura set.


Thank you for your kind support.

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