ReaLine・Specialist certification exam

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This product is a "certification exam fee".
Please check the following in advance.

Only those who meet the conditions of Level 3 or higher this year's qualification level and 100 hours of Joint Health Seminar (JHS) attendance or 60 hours of Women's Health Seminar (WHS) attendance in the past 3 years. It is possible to take the exam.
*We will cancel the application for those who do not meet the conditions.

・"Women's Health", "Joint Health", "ReaLine・It is not possible to take the exam on the same day as the training.

・When applying for the certification exam fee, please do not select "cash on delivery" as the payment method.
*Orders selected for cash on delivery will be canceled or we will guide you through another payment method.

・If you apply just before the event date (after 2 days), please select either "credit card payment" or "convenience store payment" and make a payment in advance.

・Certificate exam fees are not eligible for discounts.
*Please apply at the displayed price.

・Tickets and coupons will not be sent after completing the application for the certification exam fee.
*No payment confirmation email will be sent.

・Instructions will be sent by e-mail to those who have applied.

ReaLine・Specialist certification exam

How to check course conditions

  • ReaLine・Please access the My Page of the Innovation Study Group and check the points acquisition status and seminar participation status.
    RIS My Page→
  • For users and those having trouble logging inherePlease refer to.


  • Until now, if you have not fixed your e-mail address when purchasing products or participating in seminars, and you have used multiple addresses, your activity status will not be reflected correctly. If you have any idea, please contact with your "main email address" and we will summarize the activity status.

Certification exam schedule

  • January 22, 2023 (Sun)

Certification test content

here You can check from