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Reauty FemsoleWhat is Luty Femsole?

The heel feels like a sneaker. Comfort revolution of high heels

Luty Femsole is a high-performance insole for high heels.
"I admire fashionable high heels, but wearing them makes my feet tired..."
"My feet hurt and I can't walk in high heels for a long time..."
Many women have such a problem with high heels.
From the voice of such a woman,ReaLine・The insole “Ryuty Femsole” that utilizes the concept was born.

Scientifically solve the problem of high heels for women.
Ruti Femsole isTurn your high heels into sneakers-like comfortIt's an insole.


Luty Femsole

The epoch-making Luty Femsole was created for women who suffer from numbness, swelling, and tightness in their feet, knees, and hips caused by high heels, making women who wear high heels shine more elegantly and beautifully.

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It is often said that high heels are bad for your health.
In fact, high heels cause a variety of problems on delicate female legs and throughout the body.

Examples of problems caused by high heels

  • swollen legs
  • toe pain
  • Distortion of legs, knees and pelvis
  • Fatigue and pain in legs, knees and back
  • Stiff neck/headache
  • Easy to wobble and fall

These problems are caused by slipping in the direction of the toes when wearing high heels compared to sneakers and the imbalance of standing on the toes.
A problem that has not been solved for 500 years since the birth of high heels is finally solved by this Luty Femsole.

How to UseInstructions

It is very easy to use Lyuty Femsole, just cut it to fit your shoes and stick it on.

Ryuty Femsole Details


  • Three-dimensional support for the arch of the foot. Fits your feet comfortably. It has a structure that does not put pressure on the muscles and tendons of the sole of the foot, and it fits comfortably.
  • "Toe support" gently supports the toes and prevents the foot from sliding forward in high heels.
  • The polyurethane used in the insole itself is sticky, so you can wash it with water and let it dry naturally to regain its stickiness and reapply it.


Q. How should I choose the size of the insole?
A.The size notation differs depending on the high heel, but please consider the size when wearing athletic shoes as a guide.

  • 21.522.5cmWhen wearing athletic shoes

  →Insole size S

  • 23.024.5cmWhen wearing athletic shoes

  →Insole size M

  • 25cmWhen wearing sports shoes above

  → Basically, we do not recommend using it.

However, since the lute femsole is a separate type,25cmor25.5cmEven if you are a person with narrow feet, the sizeMmay be suitable. Since there are individual differences, we recommend that you actually try it at a store.

  • 26cmWhen wearing sports shoes above

  →There is no suitable size, so please refrain from using it.

Q. Can it be used with pumps, etc.?

A.It can be used without problems.
The toe support (front part) is the part that prevents forward slippage.4cmYou don't have to wear it if you don't have to worry about slipping forward, such as low heels. (Please use as you like.)

Q.Is it made of a hard material that supports the arch of the foot?

A.The material used is polyurethane.
It is softer than silicone rubber and has a soft touch, so there is no pain, and it supports and adjusts the arch of the foot without difficulty.

Q.Is the unevenness noticeable?

A.ReaLine-Like insoles, they are designed to provide bone support without causing pain or discomfort on the soles of your feet.
In addition, the areas where there are muscles and tendons are thinner, which makes them more comfortable to wear.


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