【rental】ReaLine・ Core TH set (thoraxunit, pelvic unit)

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Rental service usage guide

ReaLineIn the official mail order,ReaLineWe have started a product rental service.

While minimizing the financial burden on patients and athletes, we provide medical treatment at home, during sports training camps, and other necessary periods.ReaLineYou can use the product.

Usage flow

Step1 Application

Select product

Select the desired rental product and press the "Proceed to order screen" button.

When the rental application screen is displayed, confirm the product and amount, and then proceed with the payment procedure.


You will be required to pay the rental fee for one week. The payment method for rental items is credit card only. The application is complete when the purchase procedure is completed.

Step2 Start rental

After completing the application, the product will be shipped on the next business day.

Step3 Extension

If the rental is not completed after 8 days from the start of rental, it will be automatically extended by 1 week.

Step4 Return

Please return it to the following address as soon as you have finished using it.

 Return address/phone number
889-1 Munechika Yanagikuni, Kurose Town, Higashihiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture
To GLAB Co., Ltd.

If it is returned by cash on delivery, you will be required to pay an additional rental fee for one week. Please be careful when arranging the shipment of returned items.

*Please check the "Packing Manual" included with the rental product for information on how to pack it when returning it. The rental will end when we receive the rental item.

Definition of rental period

Rental start date and end date

The shipment date of the rental product is the 0th day of the rental start,The date GLAB received the returned itemis the rental end date.

Extension definition and extension fee

The 1st week is from the 1st to 7th rental day, and the 2nd week is from the 8th to 14th day.

If it is returned on the 7th day, it will be charged for 1 week, but if it is returned on the 8th day, it will be charged for 2 weeks.


Please note that rental items cannot be received on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays as they are closed days. The rental period will end on the date of receipt, so please check the rental period and ship the item so that it can be received on the business day.

*Example: When renting for 2 weeks
*Please note that the number of days for product delivery and return varies depending on the region.


About damage etc.

  • If you discover a failure, defect, or damage when you start renting, take a picture of the condition before using it and send it to the GLAB product manager by e-mail (
  • If there is no report of the above initial defect, and the returned product is found to be defective or damaged, we will purchase it or charge a repair fee.
  • Inappropriate packaging may cause problems such as deformation during transportation. When returning items, please carefully read the "Packing Manual" included with the rental item before packing.


  • ReaLineThe product is not a medical device and does not guarantee a therapeutic effect. Please be sure to consult your doctor or physical therapist regarding usage and propriety of use.
  • The manufacturer and distributor are not responsible for any damage caused by usage that deviates from the usage precautions specified in the instruction manual.
  • Due to the high volume of orders, we may run out of stock. In that case, "SOLD OUT" will be displayed, so if you want to check the delivery date, please contact us from the inquiry form.