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ReautySoleWhat is Luty Soul?

Recover the Beauty! ~We support the comfort and beauty of postpartum women~

  • “beautiful posture”
  • “beautiful style”
  • “Beautiful gestures and movements”
  • “Be healthy”
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Collapse of the arch of the foot is the enemy of beauty!

Foot care with Ryuti Sole

Luty Sole supports the cubic bones, which are the cornerstone of the three-dimensional dome structure of the foot, and the foot gradually adapts to the shape of the insole.

We hope that you can attach it to all your shoes and feel free to keep your feet healthy.

A message from a distortion therapist

For about 20 years, I have been treating people who suffer from pain in their feet, knees, and lower back, and have made handmade insoles for over 2,000 feet. After that, in order to meet the demands of top athletes, after five years of trial and error, we completed an insole that fits anyone's feet and is effective in all sports. Please feel the effect.

How to Use

Remove the insole that is originally inside the shoe and attach the ryuti sole.


  • You will be able to use the soles of your feet firmly, making it easier to shift your weight, which will lead to improved walking.
  • It makes it easier to balance from your feet and maintain a beautiful posture.
  • Keeps your legs clean.


Q. How to choose the size of the insole?
A. Basically, the same size as the shoes you usually wear is fine.

 25.5cm → size 25

 25.0cm → size 25

Q.Can it be used with leather shoes other than athletic shoes?
A. Yes. Even if you feel uncomfortable when wearing it, you can cut it with scissors and adjust it.

Q.Does it make your legs cramped?
A. The EVA insole material will become familiar with your feet and fit as you wear them.

*Please remove the pre-installed insole and attach the insole.

Q.Should I stop using the product if it hurts?
A.If your feet become more flexible and get used to the insoles, the comfort may improve. Please try each of the following items.

1: Try with shoes that are a little looser and have laces.

2: When you feel pain, take off your shoes and step on the insole.

3: Do green bamboo steps.

4: Massage the soles of your feet.

5: Repeat wearing for a short period of time for about a week so that the pain does not become strong.

* Please get used to it little by little without unreasonableness.


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