Overview of International Shipping


①. Open an account.
Obtain a Korean address
◎TENSO JAPAN → https://www.tensojapan.com/en
◎TENSO JAPAN Usage Guide → https://www.tensojapan.com/en/guide/about
②. Purchase at GLAB.shop.
③. Domestic Shipping.
④. Quotation for International Shipping.
⑤. Pay for international shipping.
⑥. International Shipping.

Buying flow

※Please register as a member with TENSO JAPAN in advance.
①. Please access the product list page and select the desired items.
◎Product list page → https://glab.shop/collections/product_all
②. Choose the desired variation and quantity, and add them to your cart. Once you have finished, proceed to checkout.
③. Please provide the address assigned to you by TENSO JAPAN.
※Please enter your address in Korean.
■Our Japanese warehouse address
Use the address below for forwarding when ordering on Korean online shopping sites. (Same address for all shopping sites)
  • Postal Code: 595-0813
  • Address 1: 오사카부 이즈미키타군 다다오카초 다다오카 미나미 3-1514-7
  • Address 2: Your forwarding number beginning with JT (Please acquire by registering. Eg JT0000000-01)
  • Full Name: Customer's name
  • Phone Number: 06-6245-7385
④. The only accepted payment method is credit card. Please do not select any other payment options.
⑤. Your order will be completed on GLAB.shop. TENSO JAPAN will be notified once the package arrives. Please make an additional payment to TENSO JAPAN for the international shipping fee.