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A summary of frequently asked questions about Realign Core

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about the ReaLine Core. We hope this information will help you to clarify your doubts and deepen your understanding of the ReaLine Core. If you have any questions, please contact us at and we will answer them individually. We hope this information is helpful during your visit. table of contents Click on the item to go directly to the answer. ■ Questions about the product Differences between TH and SI sets Can anyone purchase Realign Core? About the Realign Core Experience Holding of a seminar on Realign Core ■Questions about...

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ゴルフスィングの悩みを解決! 有名プロが「軸」を作るために愛用する秘密兵器とは?

Solve your golf swing problems! What is the secret weapon that famous pros use to create their "axis"?

Dear golfers! Golf is fun. But when your swing isn't going well, you wonder what to do. Today, let's focus on the "body axis" to solve your swing problems. Is your swing out of whack? Common problems There are times when you have problems with your golf swing. For example: The swing is small and the movement is stiff. It's all just superficial techniques and you can't put your full effort into it. Even when I feel better, it soon gets worse again. My pelvis doesn't rotate properly and my hips don't move well. The ribs are stiff and cannot...

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Preventing foot problems...Let's consider the value of insoles

Do you put insoles of your choice in your shoes? In most cases, the shoes you buy already come with insoles in them. Today, I would like to tell you about the benefits of changing the insoles to ones that fit your feet.

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