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If you would like to cooperate in planning and holding an event to let many people know about GLAB products, please apply below.


ReaLine ReaLine: For athletes and sports enthusiasts

Reauty: For women who want to regain the beauty of their posture and gestures

Rehaby Rehaby: For those who want to fix joint problems

Invoicing event merchandise and calculating rewards

About the provision of products for events

We will give you a 40% discount from the list price.

Example) In the case of 4 units of Lutey Perinerizer

*A: 12,000 yen x 0.6 x 4 units = 28,800 yen (tax included)


We will set the number of participants x product price x 0.4.

Example) Lute Perinerizer In the case of 8 participants

*B: 8 people x 12,000 yen x 0.4 = 38,400 yen (tax included)

Fee calculation

*B (reward calculation): 38,400 yen

*A (product provision calculation): 28,800 yen

GLAB will transfer 38,400 yen - 28,800 yen = 9,600 yen.

*Please bear the transfer fee.

*If the amount calculated for the product provision is larger than the amount calculated for the reward, an invoice will be issued.


Participant confirmation method

●After the event is held, we will count the number of people who have registered an account with GLAB.shop.

●Please fill in your name and e-mail address in the excel file prepared by GLAB and submit it.

the template ishere


Event/experience session application

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