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This DVD contains theReaLine・Introduces methods for rehabilitation based on the concept for each part of the body.
We have condensed and made a DVD about the content that was taken up in the official seminar of the Japan Society for Preventive Medicine.

ReaLine・Concept Lower Limb DVD Volume 1 Overview/Foot 

In this volume,ReaLine・Concept” and for foot deformities such as flat feet and hallux valgus seen in a wide range of age groups,ReaLine・Introduction of rehabilitation based on the concept. (Recording time: 73 minutes) 

Recorded contents

      • general remarks ReaLine・What is a concept?
      • Feet Treatment for flat feet and bunions
        • introduction
        • Chapter 1 Foot Malalignment
        • Chapter 2 Foot “ReaLine”
        • Chapter 3 Foot Stabilization
        • Chapter 4 Diagnosis of Foot Diseases

ReaLine・Concept Lower Limb DVD Volume 2 Ankle Joint  

This volume focuses on ankle sprains, a typical orthopedic disease of the ankle joint.ReaLine・Introduce concept-based ankle rehabilitation. (Recording time: 43 minutes) 

Recorded contents

      • introduction
      • Chapter 1 Chronic ankle instability (ankle sprain)
      • Chapter 2 Ankle Assessment
      • Chapter 3 AnkleReaLine
      • Chapter 4 Ankle Stabilization

ReaLine・Concept Lower Limb DVD Volume 3 Knee joint  

Careful observation of various knee joint diseases reveals a certain degree of malalignment, and we will introduce rehabilitation of the knee joint by improving the alignment. (Recording time: 77 minutes) 

Recorded contents

      • introduction
      • Chapter 1 Malalignment seen in the knee joint
      • Chapter 2 Tibiofemoral JointReaLine
      • Chapter 3 Patellofemoral jointReaLine
      • Chapter 4 Lower extremity local realignment (simple evaluation and exercise of each lower extremity joint)
      • Chapter 5 Knee joint stabilization