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This product is a one-leg set (sample) for size matching.

Realine Insole juniorReaLine・What is Insole Junior?

To prevent foot distortion that occurs from childhood

ReaLine・Insole JuniorProtect the soft feet of childhood and prevent future skeletal distortionIt is an insole for children developed for.

Distortion measures during childhood greatly affect the development of the skeleton and muscles.ReaLine・Simply put the Insole Junior in your shoes to improve the arch of your feet and promote healthy growth.

ReaLine・Insole ・Junior

Distortion countermeasures in childhood greatly affect the development of the skeleton and muscles. A 0-year-old child who tries to stand up for the first time has insufficient leg arch formation, and has to support his or her weight on his feet, which are highly flexible and mobile. The slight tilt of the heel at this time gradually progresses,There is a risk of extreme leg distortion over time.

Friends and relatives pray for a child's first birthdayReaLine・Let's present shoes with insole junior. So that there will be more children running around full of energy.

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ReaLinewas born from the rehabilitation of top athletes

It has the meaning of re-aligning (adjusting distortion)ReaLinewas devised by Kazuyoshi Kamata, a doctor of science and physiotherapist (representative of GLAB), based on the rehabilitation treatment experience of top athletes including Olympic athletes. With the slogan [ReaLine for Everone], it is a theory proposed with the aim of eradicating joint distortion.

We want as many people as possible to be free from the pain and discomfort caused by joint distortion, and to be able to live without worrying about joint distortion. This theory, which was devised with such a wish in mind, is now widely used in the treatment of patients suffering from joint pain, the prevention of deformities such as bow legs, and the support of athletes.

How to UseInstructions

1. Place the insole of the shoe that uses the insole on top of this product, and cut the protruding toe with scissors.

2. Lift the shoe inside out and set it inside the shoe.



Q. How should I choose the size of the insole?
A.Basically, the same size as the shoes you usually wear is fine.
the shoe size25.5cmIf you like, use a slightly smaller25cmChoose your size.

Q.Is it possible to use leather shoes other than athletic shoes?
A.If the insole can be removed, it can be used without problems.

Q.Does the insole make my feet feel cramped?
A.As the insole material EVA adapts to your feet as you wear it, even if you feel a little cramped at first, it will gradually fit and become comfortable to wear.

Q. I have been feeling pain while wearing the insoles. should i stop using it?
A. Please try each of the following items.

1. Try with sneakers that are a little loose and have laces. At that time, please remove all the insoles inside the sneakers. This will solve most of the cases.

2. When you feel pain, take off your shoes and step on the insole. If it hurts at this time, it is a pain because the distortion is being corrected. If there is no pain when stepping out of the shoe, highly likely. In addition, the tissue on the sole of the foot may be hardened due to inflammation, etc., and this may be the cause of the pain.
In that case, it can be improved by loosening the soles of the feet a little.

3. If you don't have bamboo to step on, you can use a tightly rolled towel.Try stepping on the sole of your foot (the part behind your eyes rather than the center).

4. Massage the bottom of the foot While pressing the plantar fascia (the tendon that rises when you bend your finger) with your fingertips, bend and bend your fingers repeatedly.Please try to loosen around the area where it hurts to wear insoles.If the massage becomes painful, stop immediately.

5. Wear it for a short period of time so that the pain does not become strong1Repeat for about a week. The insole is a little crushed and fits well on the soles of your feet.