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This product is a one-shoulder set (sample) for size adjustment.

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What is ReaLine Insole Junior ?

Prevents foot distortion that occurs from childhood

The Realign Insole Junior is an insole for children developed to protect the soft feet of young children and prevent future skeletal distortion .

Measures to prevent distortion during childhood have a significant impact on the development of bones and muscles. Simply inserting Realign Insoles Junior into your shoes can straighten the arches of your feet and promote healthy growth.

Realign Insole Junior

Countermeasures against distortion in childhood have a large impact on the development of bones and muscles. When a newborn baby first stands up, the arch of the foot is not yet fully formed, and the baby's weight is supported by the flexible and mobile feet. A slight tilt of the heel at this time will gradually progress, and there is a risk of it eventually leading to extreme distortion of the foot.

Friends and relatives can gift their children shoes with Realign Junior insoles on their first birthdays, hoping for a healthy life for their children. May more children run around with energy.


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Realine was born from the rehabilitation of top athletes

ReaLine, which means "to correct distortion," was invented by Doctor of Philosophy and Physiotherapist Kazuyoshi Kamata (GLAB representative) based on his experience in providing rehabilitation treatment to top athletes, including Olympic athletes. With the slogan "ReaLine for Everone," it is a theory proposed with the aim of eradicating joint distortion.

This theory was devised with the hope that as many people as possible would be freed from the pain and discomfort caused by misaligned joints, and would be able to live without having to worry about misaligned joints. Today, this theory is widely used to treat patients suffering from joint pain, to prevent deformities such as bow legs, and to support athletes.


How to Use

1. Place this product over the insole of the shoe you are using the insole in, and then cut off the excess toe part with scissors.

2. Lift the shoe upside down and place it inside the shoe.




FAQFrequently Asked Questions

Q.How do I choose the size of the insole?
A. Generally, the same shoe size as you normally wear is fine.
If your shoe size is 25.5cm , please choose a slightly smaller size, 25cm .

Q. Can it be used on shoes other than sneakers, such as leather shoes?
A. Yes, it can be used without any problems as long as the shoes have removable insoles.

Q.Will my feet become cramped if I put insoles in my shoes?
A.The EVA insole material will conform to your feet as you wear them, so even if it feels a little tight at first, it will gradually fit better and become comfortable.

Q. I'm starting to feel pain after wearing the insoles. Should I stop using them?
A: Please try each of the following:

1. Try wearing a pair of loose sneakers with laces. Make sure you remove any insoles from the sneakers. This will solve the problem in most cases.

2. When you experience pain, take off your shoes and try stepping on the insole. If it hurts, it is because the distortion is being corrected. If you don't feel pain when you take it out of your shoes and step on it, it's most likely the result of 1. In addition, the tissues on the soles of your feet may have hardened due to inflammation, which may be the cause of the pain.
In that case, the problem can be improved by slightly loosening the soles of your feet.

3. If you don't have bamboo to step on, you can use a tightly rolled up towel instead. Try stepping on it with the sole of your foot (the part behind the center).

4. Massage the sole of your foot. Press the plantar fascia (the tendon that rises up when you bend your toes) with your fingertips while repeatedly bending and bending your toes. Try wearing the insoles and focusing on the areas that hurt. If the massage causes pain, discontinue immediately.

5. Wear the insole for short periods of time, but not so long as it does not cause pain, for about a week. The insole will compress a little and become accustomed to the sole of your foot.