Theory and Practice of Core Therapy (Kodansha)

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Solve core body problems with safe and effective therapeutic exercises.

“Core Therapy” is a treatment theory born from the theory and experience of “Core Conditioning”.
This is a book that summarizes the theory and method from various angles.
The content is easy to understand with lots of photos and diagrams.
When used in conjunction with "Core Conditioning and Core Therapy", you will have a deeper understanding.

Book information

Theory and Practice of Core Therapy

Supervision: Kenji Hiranuma, Yoshizumi Iwasaki
Editing: Kazuyoshi Kamata
Cooperation: Japan Core Conditioning Association
  • Book: 240 pages
  • Publisher: Kodansha
  • ISBN-10:4062806576
  • ISBN-13:978-4062806572
  • Release date: 2011/7/1

table of contents

  • Chapter 1 Core Therapy Theory and Procedure
  • Chapter 2 PelvisthoraxRealignment method (PTR program)
  • Chapter 3 PelvisthoraxStabilization method (PTS program)
  • Chapter 4 Core therapy for back pain and pelvic pain
  • Chapter 5 Core therapy for musculoskeletal diseases in the elderly
  • Chapter 6 Core therapy for central nervous system disorders
  • Chapter 7 Core Therapy for Respiratory Diseases
  • Chapter 8 Upper Core Program
  • Chapter 9 Lower Core Program
  • Chapter 10 Core Conditioning Practice
  • Chapter 11 Japan Core Conditioning Association