<Book> Scientific Basis of Rehabilitation for Spinal Disorders (NAP)

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SPTS (Sports Physical Therapy Seminar) Series

The SPTS series is a practical guide to the latest in injury and disability prevention and treatment, written by a group of physical therapists who aspire to be active in the sports world. It includes a detailed review of the diseases and symptoms of each joint, as well as a detailed introduction to the treatment methods that each author actually performs in the chapter "My Treatment Methods." It is a series that contains valuable information that can be immediately applied in the field and is a partner for all medical professionals, athletic trainers, and researchers. We hope that it will be useful in the development and dissemination of optimal athletic rehabilitation.

Book Information

Scientific basis of spinal rehabilitation

Supervising editors: Toru Fukubayashi and Tsuneji Kanaoka General editors: Kazuyoshi Kamata and Takumi Kobayashi Editing editors: Masashi Kawabata, Shinichi Maki, Masahiro Yoshida, Kazuya Ito
  • Book: 184 pages
  • Publisher: Nap
  • ISBN-10:490516849X
  • ISBN-13:978-4905168492
  • Release date: September 13, 2017

table of contents

  • Chapter 1 Anatomy and Kinesiology of the Spine

    • Cervical vertebrae
    • Thoracic vertebrae and thorax
    • Lumbar
    • Muscle function/intra-abdominal pressure
    • Fascia
  • Chapter 2 Cervical and thoracic spine diseases

    • Cervical fracture-dislocation
    • Berner syndrome, transient quadriplegia, cervical sprain
    • Cervical disc herniation
    • Thoracic spine disease
  • Chapter 3 Lumbar spine disease 1 - Lumbar spondylolysis, spondylolisthesis (growth period and adulthood), and intervertebral joint disorders -

    • Spondylolysis/Spondylolisthesis (Growth Period)
    • Spondylolysis/Spondylolisthesis (adult)
    • Facet joint disorder
  • Chapter 4 Lumbar diseases 2 - Lumbar disc herniation, lumbar disc disorders, endplate disorders, and sacroiliac joint disorders -

    • Lumbar disc herniation
    • Lumbar disc disorder/endplate disorder
    • Sacroiliac joint disorder