Scientific basis of foot sports injury treatment (Nap)

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SPTS (Sports Physical Therapy Seminar) series

The SPTS series is a practice book on the prevention and treatment of the latest injuries and disorders, written by a group of physical therapists who aspire to be active in the sports world. In addition to a detailed review of the diseases and symptoms of each joint, the "My Treatment" chapter introduces in detail the treatments that each author actually uses. It is a valuable resource for immediate application and a companion series for all healthcare professionals, athletic trainers and researchers. We hope that it will be useful for the development and dissemination of optimal athletic rehabilitation.

Book information

Scientific foundation of foot sports injury treatment

Supervision: Toru Fukubayashi, Kazuyoshi Kamata
Editing: Hiroki Yamauchi, Masahiro Yoshida, Shigeki Yokoyama, Hitoto Suzukawa
  • Book: 181 pages
  • Publisher: Knapp
  • ISBN-10:4905168198
  • ISBN-13:978-4905168195
  • Release date: 2012/9/1

table of contents

  • Chapter 1 Foot anatomy, kinematics, alignment evaluation

    • Foot anatomy and kinematics
    • Evaluation of foot alignment using images
    • Foot alignment evaluation (clinical evaluation)
  • Chapter 2 Foot Biomechanics (Foot Motion Analysis)

    • Insoles and Foot Biomechanics
    • biomechanics of foot taping)
  • Chapter 3 Forefoot disorders (including Lisfranc joints)

    • Epidemiology and risk factors for forefoot disorders
    • Pathophysiology, diagnosis, and evaluation of forefoot disorders
    • Conservative treatment of forefoot disorders
  • Chapter 4 Middlefoot/hindfoot disorders (behind the Lisfranc joint)

    • flat foot disorder
    • Middle/hind foot stress fracture
    • Plantar heel pain
  • Chapter 5 Exercise Therapy and Return to Sports for Foot Disorders

    • Articulatory chain and foot function
    • Exercise therapy for poor foot alignment
    • Concept of insoles for poor foot alignment