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RehabyBelt Ver.2Rehaby・What is Belt Ver.2?

Recover Joints & Achieve Hopes

Improvement point

  • The belt is elastic and the fit is improved (hard to slip off)
  • For those with mild symptoms (the conventional version has a stronger fixation force)
  • Overwhelming simplicity and ease of installation

Easier to use

  • No need to adjust front pad position
  • No size development (only 1 size)
  • Can be worn on any size by adjusting the length of the belt

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Worried about your pelvis?

Rehaby・Solve your troubles with a belt

Rehaby・The belt was developed by Dr. Kazuyoshi Kamata, a physical therapist who knows all about distortion.All-new pelvic beltis. Tighten your beltRehaby・The front and back pads of the belt firmly support the fine joints in the pelvis and stabilize the pelvis.

The lightweight and thin design allows you to wear it under your work clothes and support your lower back all day without discomfort.

A message from a distortion therapist

Many pelvic belts are sold,Rehaby・The belt is a completely new pelvic belt.
If you tighten your pelvis too much with the existing belt, it will tighten your blood vessels and nerves. Also, I couldn't reliably compress the "sacroiliac joint" at the back of my pelvis.
For such issues,Rehaby・The belt can stabilize the pelvis without constricting blood vessels. This product is highly recommended for those who have concerns about their pelvis.

How to Use



  • Reduces the burden on the lower back when performing physical work such as nursing care or carrying heavy luggage
  • You can feel your pelvis stand upright, and you will feel less heaviness in your lower back after a full day of standing work.


Q.Is there a time limit for use?
A.It can be worn at all times.

Q.Is there an age limit?
A.There is no age limit.

Q.Is it possible to use it in a sleeping position such as lying on my back or lying down, or in a sitting position?
A.It can be used as long as the pain or discomfort does not become severe.

Q. How strong should I tighten it?
A. Please tighten as much as possible without feeling discomfort.

Q. What if I have a history of pelvic disease?
A. If you have pain around your pelvis or have a disease around your pelvis, please use it with the permission of your doctor.

Q.Is it okay to wear it while doing sports such as running?
A.It can be used during sports and work.

Q.Is back pain cured?
A.Since it is not a medical device, we cannot guarantee its effectiveness. However, many users have realized that by stabilizing the pelvis, it reduces the feeling of heaviness when standing and the feeling of easy movement around the pelvis.


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