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Rehaby ChairRehaby・What is a chair?

Improves pelvic misalignment just by sitting

RehabyA chair is a portable legless chair developed for those who find it painful to sit in a chair for a long time. Designed to improve pelvic misalignment (distortion), one of the causes of chair discomfort, simply by sitting.

After nearly 10 years of development, we succeeded in perfecting it to a size that is simple, inexpensive, and easy to carry.


Supports the pelvis in the ideal position

Designed by a physiotherapist who knows everything about the pelvis and is a leading researcher in fine pelvic distortion research and extensive treatment experience.Keeps the ideal pelvis position and greatly reduces the burden on the lower backTo do.

Do not restrain the body with moderate shaking

A structure that sways moderately according to the movement of the body. Allows movement without over-fixing the pelvisI don't feel restricted or cramped.

Reduce the pain of desk work/study/long commutes and improve work efficiency

The problem of "I can't keep my concentration due to desk work and studying"8The reason is that comfort is lost. My waist gradually becomes heavy, and when my shoulders become stiff, I lose concentration on my work. Staying comfortable increases work efficiency.

"Sitting exercise" that does not rest the trunk muscles even when sitting

By swaying back and forth, left and right, the trunk muscles continue to work without rest even during desk work. In addition, the muscles around the pelvis are relaxed, so blood circulation in the legs is not restricted.exercise while sittingAs you continue, your basal metabolism will increase and your whole body will feel warm.

Small size and easy to carry

It's foldable and fits in a small tote bag. With the advent of chairs that can be carried anywhere, such as at home, in the office, or at a cafe, we propose a new work style of "carrying a computer and a comfortable chair."

RECOMMENDI recommend this hotel

Rehaby・The chair prepares the pelvisReaLineIn addition to the "effect", there is also a "tuning effect" that increases the activity of the pelvic floor muscles and trunk muscles by using moderate shaking.

Rehaby・We hope that the chair will help many people who feel pain when sitting.

  • office worker
  • examinee
  • People who feel a burden on their lower back when traveling by car or Shinkansen
  • Athletes who tend to get out of shape on long trips
  • Those who suffer from lower back pain or sacroiliac joint pain that increases when sitting
  • Pregnant women, postpartum women (including those who have difficulty breastfeeding)

How to UseInstructions

Rehaby・Chair details



  • Thin! Suppresses the disappearance of constriction that occurs when sitting in a chair for a long time
  • warm! Suppress cold legs
  • Be light! Increase hip joint opening and excretion range of motion
  • Comfortable! Reduces the burden associated with maintaining a sitting position


Q.Is it possible to use when I have low back pain or sacroiliac joint pain?
A.We cannot answer individual symptoms. If you are under a medical examination, please consult a doctor.

Q.Is it possible to use during pregnancy?
A.If the use of normal chairs is not prohibited, it can be used without problems. If you are worried, please consult a doctor once or try it for a short period of time by renting.

Q.Is it possible to use it on bullet trains and airplanes?
A.Shinkansen can be used without problems. Airplanes may differ depending on the airline. Please consult with the airline in advance.

Q.Is there a time limit for use?
A. There are no particular restrictions. If prolonged use causes pain or discomfort in the ischial area, we recommend that you stop using it several times a day.

Q.What should I do if I feel pain near the sacroiliac joint during use?
A.Rehaby・Because the sacroiliac joint on the back of the pelvis is in close contact with the use of the chair, discomfort may occur due to the surrounding muscles and nerves. In that case, stop using it several times a day without applying pressure or hitting the uncomfortable area.

Q.What should I do if I have pain in the seat (sciatic/pelvic floor muscles)?
A.Unlike normal chairs, pressure is applied to the inside of the sit bones, which may cause discomfort and pain. In that case, please use a towel etc.


RiskRisks/Contraindications/Important Matters

the following peopleRehaby・Please stop or refrain from using the chair.

  • Those with pelvic floor injuries, injuries, fractures, muscle injuries, infections, etc.
  • Those with damage to the pelvic floor muscles immediately after childbirth (natural delivery)
  • Those with abnormalities in the internal organs of the pelvis
  • Those with severe sacroiliac joint disorder, lumbar disc herniation, lumbar spondylolisthesis, etc.
  • others,Rehaby・People who have severe pain or discomfort when sitting in a chair


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