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Realine COREReaLine・What is a core?

world's first! pelvis·thoraxsymmetrical exercise equipment

*This product isthoraxIt will be a single unit.

ReaLine・The core constitutes the center of the body (core)pelvis andthoraxExercise aid for correcting the distortion ofis.
pelvic unit andthoraxconsists of two units.

ReaLine・By wearing the core and performing simple exercises for about 10 minutes,thoraxYou can effectively learn the "optimal exercise pattern" of the spine by adjusting the distortion of the spine.

pelvis·thoraxAdvantages of symmetrical

pelvis·thoraxIf there is "distortion (asymmetry)" in the spine, it can adversely affect not only the entire spine, but also the motor function of the shoulders, neck and hip joints.

pelvis·thoraxSymmetry improves spinal motion and distributes the load across the spine. If you are an athlete, your core function will improveYou can expect better performance.

RECOMMENDI recommend this hotel

ReaLine・Core is used in various places such as top athletes, rehabilitation facilities, treatment clinics, fitness clubs, and club activities. It is thought to be used by special people such as Olympic athletes, professional baseball players, and Japanese national team players, but it is not for special people. pelvis andthoraxDeveloped for all those who have problems around

Those who are concerned about discomfort around the pelvis

  • Tighter hip and hip movements
  • muscle stiffness
  • Loose legs after giving birth

If you have any of the above symptoms,The pelvis may be the cause.

Theoretically, the pelvis could have the following distortions: The movements of the pelvic joints are very small, about 1-2° and 1-2mm. However, that slight distortion has a great impact on the spine, hip joints, and surrounding muscles.

Is pelvic distortion the source of all kinds of diseases? Medically, we know nothing.

Looking at the media and SNS, it is said that pelvic distortion is related to various symptoms such as pain and swelling. However, in reality, the causal relationship has hardly been elucidated scientifically. It has never been proven that pelvic distortion is the cause of menstrual pain, pelvic distortion is the cause of infertility, and so on. The reason why research has not progressed is that there is no way to find out what happens when the pelvis is adjusted.

ReaLine・When you use the core, you can temporarily adjust your pelvis. And the symptoms caused by the distortion of the pelvis will be reduced. By doing this, you can know "disorders caused by your own pelvic distortion".

What Causes Pelvic Distortion?
that isReaLine・You can find out by using the core.

If you have any symptoms to worry about around your pelvis, onceReaLine・Try using the core. You can see what kind of changes will occur when the distortion of the pelvis is improved. That might solve your common problems.

thoraxThose who are concerned about distortion of (ribs)

  • There is a difference in the height of the left and right shoulders
  • Worried about stooping or bad posture
  • There is a difference in the shape of the chest between the left and right sides
  • protruding ribs under the chest

If the above applies to you,thoraxmay be distorted.

thoraxis part of the spine and its distortion affects the entire spine.thoraxIf the is distorted, the movement of the spine may be biased, increasing the burden on the lower back. Not only that, but it is also known to affect the movement of the neck and shoulders. However, this is also not fully scientifically proven.thoraxIt is a fact that no studies have been conducted on the relationship between and low back pain.

thoraxWhat causes the distortion of
that isReaLine・You can find out by using the core.

If you have any symptoms that concern you about your neck, shoulders, or lower back,ReaLine・Try using the core.thoraxYou can see what changes occur when the distortion of is improved. That might solve your common problems.

How to UseInstructions

How to wear

  • ① Push the release lever on the front of the main unit and remove the ratchet on the right hand side.
  • ② Straddle the belt while holding the body and ratchet with both hands so that the belt is not twisted.
  • ③ Pelvis/thoraxAttach the back pad so that it does not turn over on the back of the
  • ④ Confirm that there is a click sound when the front part is fixed.
  • ⑤ Operate the four ratchets to tighten the belt.
  • Notice:1time of use10Within minutes. Be careful not to overtighten the belt.

basic exercises

What to do when the belt comes off

ReaLine・ Core details


When you wear the pelvis unit and perform steps, walks, squats, etc., the pelvis is gradually guided to a symmetrical state.

thoraxWhen you wear the unit and perform deep breathing, backbending, rotating, upper limb exercises, etc.,thoraxThe lower part of the can now expand symmetrically.

ReaLine・By exercising with the core attached, the pelvis without distortion andthoraxYou can effectively learn exercise patterns that keep

  • the pelvisReaLine: Targets and stabilizes the distorted pelvis
  • thoraxofReaLine: lowerthoraxtargeted, expanded and improved
  • Motor learning: brain and muscles learn ideal alignment


Q.ReaLine・Could you introduce me to a facility that uses core?
A.We will guide you to the nearest installation facility as much as possible. link herePlease contact us.

Q.ReaLine・Do I need a special qualification or attend a seminar to purchase a core?
A. If you follow the steps in "For first-time purchasers" below and complete the submission of the confirmation sheet, you will be able to purchase.

Q.I can't stretch (loosen) the belt on the main unit.
A. Please check the following steps and operate.

Step 1: While pushing the "unlock" knob at the base of the ratchet toward the "ReaLine" logo in the center of the main unit, flip it 180 degrees so that it opens outward.
*The ratchet cannot be opened 180 degrees unless the "unlock" is pressed.

Step 2: The ratchet circled in red in the image below is fully open 180 degrees. If it does not open outward like the ratchet on the upper row, press "unlock" again and operate it again so that it opens 180 degrees.

*It is easier to open if you put your finger in the red circle part of the image and push it outward.

Step 3: The belt can be loosened with the ratchet fully open.
* After loosening the belt, return the ratchet to its original position while pressing the "unlock" button in the same way.

For new customerFor first-time purchasers

If you are purchasing for the first time, please follow the steps below so that you fully understand how to use the product before purchasing.

1. ReaLine・Read the core usage manual

2. Watch the instructional video

3. Fill out the confirmation sheet and send it

Purchasing procedure from the above form

RiskRisks/Contraindications/Important Matters


  • People with acute liver dysfunction, people with active viral hepatitis.
  • osteoporosis or60older people.
  • People with diabetes and its serious complications (retinopathy/nephropathy).
  • Any other person deemed inappropriate by a physician.

Physician's judgment required

  • Infants or people who cannot express their intentions.
  • Persons with groin or lower extremity blood circulation disorders, lymph node abnormalities, and neurological disorders.
  • people with heart disease.
  • Pelvis, spinal column,thoraxhistory of surgery or tumor.
  • People who have recently had a heart attack or stroke.
  • pregnant woman
  • People who have some anxiety around the pelvis or trunk, such as women who have just given birth.
  • People with back pain or pelvic pain.


  • manufacturer and publisherReaLine・We cannot guarantee the efficacy and effects of the core.
  • The manufacturer and sales agency are not responsible for any damage caused by usage that deviates from the usage precautions in the instruction manual.


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