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Realine Insole SportsReaLine・What is insole sports?

High-performance insoles designed to best fit Japanese feet

ReaLine・The insole was born from the experience of a physiotherapist who made about 2000 pairs of custom-made insoles.Designed to fit most Japanese feetIt is a high-performance insole made with.

ReaLine・Insole for athletes "ReaLine・Insoles/Sports” and “Easy to use in daily life”ReaLine・There are two types of insole light.

Beginning with top athletes who overuse their feet and those working on foot rehabilitation, working women who are concerned about the effects of high heels, fathers and mothers who walk or jog for their health, and elderly people who are concerned about foot wobble. These insoles are recommended for a wide range of people, such as those with

ReaLine・Insole Sports (with toe support)

ReaLine・Insoles and sportsAthletes seeking ultimate performanceInsoles for Accurately and gently support the feet of sports and prevent slipping.

Toe support firmly supports your toes

ReaLine・For insole sports,"with toe support"There is also The toe support stabilizes the toes during movements such as stopping and running downhill, reducing strain on the knees and hips.

The type with toe support is suitable for playing basketball, etc.Sports that perform stop motions / sports that twist the bodyRecommended for those who do

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If you leave the distortion of the foot as it is, it may lead to serious trouble

Flat feet and hallux valgus are "foot distortions".
These foot distortions progress due to various causes such as heredity, the influence of shoes that do not fit well, such as high heels, and overuse of the feet due to sports, mountain climbing, etc.

While the symptoms are mild, there are many people who do not particularly care even if they are aware of some distortion.
However, the distortion progresses without knowing it,When I realized I couldn't even walk because of the painThere are cases.

Custom-made insoles are not always good.

Finding insoles that fit your feet is not easy.
Custom-made insoles made by taking a footprint are expensive, ranging from 15,000 yen to 30,000 yen.
Moreover, if the distorted leg is taken as it is,The effect of correcting distortion cannot be expected.

How to UseInstructions

1. Put this product on top of the insoles of shoes that use insoles and sports, and cut the protruding toe part with scissors.

2. Set the 3 replacement pads in the recesses on the back of the insole.

3. Lift the shoe inside out and set it inside the shoe so that the pad does not fall off.

4. Attach the toe support parts to the back of the insole following the steps below.




Q. How should I choose the size of the insole?
A.Basically, the same size as the shoes you usually wear is fine.
the shoe size25.5cmIf you like, use a slightly smaller25cmChoose your size.

Q.Is it possible to use leather shoes other than athletic shoes?
A.If the insole can be removed, it can be used without problems.

Q.Does the insole make my feet feel cramped?
A.As the insole material EVA adapts to your feet as you wear it, even if you feel a little cramped at first, it will gradually fit and become comfortable to wear.

Q. I have been feeling pain while wearing the insoles. should i stop using it?
A. Please try each of the following items.

1. Try with sneakers that are a little loose and have laces. At that time, please remove all the insoles inside the sneakers. This will solve most of the cases.

2. When you feel pain, take off your shoes and step on the insole. If it hurts at this time, it is a pain because the distortion is being corrected. If there is no pain when stepping out of the shoe, highly likely. In addition, the tissue on the sole of the foot may be hardened due to inflammation, etc., and this may be the cause of the pain.
In that case, it can be improved by loosening the soles of the feet a little.

3. If you don't have bamboo to step on, you can use a tightly rolled towel.Try stepping on the sole of your foot (the part behind your eyes rather than the center).

4. Massage the bottom of the foot While pressing the plantar fascia (the tendon that rises when you bend your finger) with your fingertips, bend and bend your fingers repeatedly.Please try to loosen around the area where it hurts to wear insoles.If the massage becomes painful, stop immediately.

5. Wear it for a short period of time so that the pain does not become strong1Repeat for about a week. The insole is a little crushed and fits well on the soles of your feet.


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