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Rehaby Leg pressRehaby・leg pressWhat is

A revolutionary training machine that normalizes knee torsion

Rehaby・The leg press is a training device that trains the rotator muscles of the knee and adjusts the twist and distortion of the knee joint.

By fixing the toes to the pedals and performing knee bending, stretching, and rotation exercises, the knee joints, which tend to twist outward in everyday life, can be returned to their normal positions.

Because you can train with just one movement and a small load, it can be used safely not only by athletes, but also by those who need rehabilitation and those who do not exercise regularly.

Rehaby・Leg press

To fix a twisted kneeTurn your toes inward and repeat the knee flexionis needed. thisRehaby・The leg press is the only exercise equipment that has a function to normalize the twist of the knee.

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  • athlete training

    Knee twisting has a significant impact on an athlete's performance. In order to make the most of the muscle strength you have trained, it is important to obtain straight knees without twisting.

  • injury rehabilitation

    It can be used for recovery of screw home movement in rehabilitation of knee diseases. Since it is a light-intensity exercise, it can be used as soon as symptoms improve, but be sure to exercise under the guidance of a doctor.

  • fitness

    It can be used to restore a neat knee joint without distortion to the knee distortion (bow leg, cross leg) that you are concerned about.

    Also, the distortion of the knee will make the surrounding muscles tense. It is also recommended for those who suffer from swollen legs because when the muscles are tense, the water circulation becomes stagnant and causes swelling.

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Rehaby・ Leg press detailed information


leg press

Function 1: Knee rotator training

You can fix the foot on the platform and perform internal and external rotation of the knee. By adjusting the left and right rubber belts, it is possible to provide resistance and assistance to the rotation movement.

Function 2: Leg press with knee rotation

You can perform leg press exercises while keeping your knees in proper rotation. Young people and athletes can use it to prevent injuries and deformities, and people who already have pain can use it for rehabilitation.

  • Easy: You can train while sitting in a chair
  • Lightweight: Lightweight design of about 9kg
  • Inexpensive: Exceptional price for training equipment
  • Function: Precision engineered to correct knee torsion
  • Verification: Medical effects have been verified at multiple medical institutions


Q.Can you introduce me to a facility that uses leg press?
A.We will guide you to the nearest installation facility as much as possible. link herePlease contact us.


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