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ReautyPerinelizerWhat is the Lute Perinerizer?

Recover the Beauty! ~We support the comfort and beauty of postpartum women~

  • The shape is like a bicycle saddle
  • 2 prongs
  • removable pad
  • Just sitting is OK
    Add exercise for even better results

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your pelvic floor muscles may be sleeping

Solve your troubles with Perinellizer

The Lutey Perinerizer will help you get back in shape by aligning the muscles around your buttocks.
The secret to its effectiveness just by sitting is that the two protrusions return the muscles around the buttocks to an easy-to-use state.

Message from Incontinence Therapist

The pelvic floor muscles that have been damaged by childbirth do not wake up easily. When your pelvic floor muscles fall asleep, you're back to when you were in diapers. We have accumulated research using echo, and discovered that the movement of the pelvic floor muscles is significantly restricted after childbirth, and invented the perinealizer. And in order to restore the movement of the pelvic floor muscles, it is effective to exercise by pressing the "place" of the pelvic floor muscles. Sitting on the perinealizer is an easy way to awaken your pelvic floor muscles.

How to Use

Sit on the perinealizer using the diagram below as a guide. (It is best if the anus fits between the two protrusions.)

Start with 4 pads, do the exercise until you feel no pain, and then gradually reduce the number of pads to 0.


  • By trimming the muscles around the buttocks, you can restore your beautiful style.
  • Easy, just sit down. Take a break after putting him to sleep, and just sit for 5 minutes after sending him to the nursery school to eliminate the slack around his buttocks.


Q.Is there a time limit for use?
A. Please do it within 10 minutes once.

Q.How many times a day can it be used?
A. Repeat 3-5 sets of the above exercises daily.

Q. When can I start using it after giving birth?
A. Perineal wound: Can be used after 3 months postpartum

 No perineal scars: Can be used from 1 month after childbirth

 Caesarean section: can be used immediately after childbirth

Q.Is it possible to sit on the floor and use a legless chair?
A. Please use it on a chair. (Cannot be used while sitting on a legless chair or on the floor)

Q.Is there an age limit?
A.There is no age limit.

Q. What if I have a history of pelvic disease?
A. If you have pain around your pelvis, or if you have a disease around your pelvis such as the uterus or anus, please use it with your doctor's permission.

Q.Can urinary leakage be cured?
A.Since it is not a medical device, we cannot guarantee its effectiveness. However, you will get a better sense of what it feels like to put pressure on your pelvic floor muscles.


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