Realign Innovation Research Society (RIS) Individual Member Status Change

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Individual Membership Status Change
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Please be sure to check

■ New members and those who do not have individual membership points from the previous year

Please apply as a "New" Bronze Member, Silver Member, Gold Member, or Platinum Member.

If you would like to upgrade your individual membership rank

You can change to your desired individual membership rank by paying the difference between the individual membership points you currently have.

Click "Upgrade" and select the membership rank you would like to change to from your current membership rank and submit your application.

How RIS individual member ranks are determined

RIS individual membership ranks are updated annually.

Example) 2024 Membership Rank (Valid from April 1, 2024 to March 31, 2025)

1) Product purchase

Your purchase amount for the previous year (2023) will be calculated and assigned to the corresponding rank in the individual membership rank table.

The previous year's points (purchase amount x 0.05) will be allocated towards the annual fee.

Your membership rank for the new fiscal year will be notified to you by email in early April each year.

2) Seminar attendance history

This will be determined by compiling your course history over the past three years ( paid courses only ) .

Your level will be determined based on the hours of classroom and practical training, as shown in the table below. We will assign you an individual membership rank according to your level.

Additional class hours may be awarded based on your contribution to spreading and evangelizing the Realignment concept.

Those who have completed Level 3 or above are eligible to take the Realign Specialist exam.


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