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ReautyRollWhat is Luty Roll?

Recover the Beauty! ~We support the comfort and beauty of postpartum women~

  • “beautiful posture”
  • “beautiful style”
  • “Beautiful gestures and movements”
  • “Be healthy”
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Your body changes a lot during pregnancy

Self-care with Lutei Roll

Luty Roll was developed by Dr. Kazuyoshi Kamata, a physical therapist who knows all about distortion."Beautiful Posture" "Beautiful Style" "Good Sleep"It is an item that supports
The size is 98 cm long, 13 cm wide, and 13 cm high, and it is lightweight at 961 g, so you can store it at home and carry it without taking up space.

Recommended for moms who have trouble with postpartum posture and those who tend to lose their posture due to desk work.

A message from a distortion therapist

I specialize in straightening the spine. In order to regain a beautiful posture, it is necessary to prepare the spine before training the muscles. As an exercise for
  • Percon: exercises to prepare the pelvis
  • Solacon: Exercises to prepare the ribs and spine

Lyuti Roll was developed to maximize the effects of Belcon and Soracon. Optimal hardness and shape for postpartum women.

How to Use

Simply place the Lyuti Roll on a flat floor and lie down on it. You don't need to do hard and painful exercises because you can stretch the front of your chest just by opening your arms lightly and doing it.



  • When the front of the arm is stretched, it becomes easier to straighten the spine, making it easier to achieve beautiful posture and style.
  • again,thoraxBecause it becomes easier to move the body, breathing becomes deeper, which also leads to improved sleep quality.


Q.Is there a time limit for use?
A. Please use within 10 minutes once as a guide.

Q.How many times a day can it be used?
A. There are no particular restrictions.

Q.Can it be used during pregnancy?
A. Please consult your doctor.

Q.Is there an age limit?
A.There is no age limit.

Q. What if I have pain, swelling, or an illness?
A. Please consult your doctor if you have an illness, injury, paralysis, numbness, pain, or loss of bone density during treatment.

Q. Any other points to note?
A. Please do not use it for purposes other than exercise. (Swinging the product around, etc.)
In addition, please do not use this product to balance yourself as there is a danger of falling over.


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