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Realine Balance shoesReaLine・BalanceShoesWhat is

Maximize Athletic Capacity and Improve Performance

ReaLine・BalanceShoesis a training device that allows you to create ideal joint conditions and train muscles while correcting distortions in your knees and ankles. There are two types, one for knee joints and one for ankles.

It is very easy to use because you only need to do simple exercises such as squats while wearing it. It can be used by a wide range of people, from elite athlete training to injury rehabilitation and joint health maintenance.

ReaLine・BalanceShoesfor ankle

ReaLine・BalanceShoesThe product for ankle joints is for those who want to strengthen their ankles after preparing their entire legs with knee joints.

For example, it is easy to put weight on the little toe side of the foot.Recommended for those who have a habit of spraining.It guides the ankle bones into the ideal position, strengthens the muscles essential for sprain prevention, and even improves the proprioceptive function of the entire lower extremity from the ankle to the hip.

You can prevent sprains by stabilizing the weight on the big toe side (ball of the foot) so that it is easy to put your weight on it.

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If you have a habit of twisting your ankle (chronic ankle instability), you will be afraid of spraining your ankle while playing sports, which will reduce your ability as an athlete. Even if the ligaments of the ankle become loose, the ankle is stabilized considerably by improving "bone engagement = joint compatibility", "muscle function = muscle strength", and "function to monitor the condition of the ankle = proprioceptive function". can do.
However, until now, they had to undergo professional rehabilitation to achieve these goals.

ReaLine・BalanceShoesAnyone can easily and efficiently train the entire leg and ankle.

  • Create a stable lower body
  • Training for rapid stop improvement

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BalanceShoes Exercise details


for ankle

  • Increased activity of subtalar joint pronators (peroneus longus, tertiary peroneus, extensor digitorum longus)
  • Learning motion pattern of ball-of-toe load
  • Improved sidestep behavior


Q.Do you have sizes for ankle joints?
Only available in A.M size (24.0-27.0cm).

Q.Is black the only color that can be selected for ankle joints?
A. Only black is available.


For new customerFor first-time purchasers

ReaLine・BalanceShoesThe material of is SBR (synthetic rubber). Due to the characteristics of the material, powder tends to come out naturally over time, and it may leave marks such as handprints and fingerprints during the manufacturing process.

In some cases, even brand new products may appear to have been used, but there is no problem with quality, so please use with confidence.


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