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Realine Balance shoesReaLine・BalanceShoesWhat is

Maximize Athletic Capacity and Improve Performance

ReaLine・BalanceShoesis a training device that allows you to create ideal joint conditions and train muscles while correcting distortions in your knees and ankles. There are two types, one for knee joints and one for ankles.

It is very easy to use because you only need to do simple exercises such as squats while wearing it. It can be used by a wide range of people, from elite athlete training to injury rehabilitation and joint health maintenance.

ReaLine・BalanceShoesfor knee

ReaLine・BalanceShoesFor knee jointTo get into the habit of straightening your kneestraining equipment.

"Bend your knees straight" sounds easy, but in reality, there are a great many athletes, even top athletes, who are unable to perform this basic exercise and put a strain on their knees.

ReaLine・BalanceShoesWearing it and doing basic exercises like squats can help correct twists in your hips and ankles and effectively strengthen key muscles like your gluteus medius and vastus medialis.

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In order to straighten the knee, it is necessary to adjust the twists and distortions in all joints from the toes to the pelvis, and to re-educate the surrounding muscles to work at the appropriate timing.

ReaLine・BalanceShoesAnyone can easily and efficiently train the entire leg and ankle.

  • Create a stable lower body
  • Training for rapid stop improvement

How to UseInstructions

BalanceShoes Exercise details


for knee

  • Learning a muscle activity pattern to keep the knee directly above the fourth toe (increase activity of the gluteus medius, medial hamstrings, and vastus medialis)
  • Correction of knee valgus in single leg squat
  • Performance improvement such as vertical jump, repetitive side jump, single leg long jump


Q.Is there a difference between black and blue?
A. Compared to the black, the material of the blue shoes is softer, making it easier to ride on the balance axis on the ground. Black can be used without problems even for those who are using it for the first time.

Q.BalanceShoesHow should I select the size for ?
A.BalanceShoesis intended to be used while wearing shoes.

・S size → 23.5 cm or less

・Medium size → 24.0-27.0cm

・L size → 27.5cm or more *1

*1 Since the L size is designed for a foot size of 30cm or more, if the foot size is around 27.5cm, the M size (24.0-27.0cm) may be suitable. For shoes with thick heels such as basketball shoes, it may be difficult to fix the belt on the heel part, so the L size is easy to adapt.

*2 S size is applicable to 23.5 cm or less, but shoes andBalanceShoesM size (24.0-27.0cm) may be suitable for use with 23.0-23.5cm shoes due to compatibility with. (If the shoes protrude from the toe area of ​​the S size, take off the shoes and adjust the fit.)


For new customerFor first-time purchasers

ReaLine・BalanceShoesThe material of is SBR (synthetic rubber). Due to the characteristics of the material, powder tends to come out naturally over time, and it may leave marks such as handprints and fingerprints during the manufacturing process.

In some cases, even brand new products may appear to have been used, but there is no problem with quality, so please use with confidence.


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