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Realine SocksReaLine・What are socks?

“No stick taping” born from 10,000 taping experiences


ReaLine・SocksEffect of advanced taping that is difficult for trainers to masterIt is an epoch-making sock that can be obtained just by wearing.Stabilize the ankle joint and prevent twistingwithImprove sports performance by increasing range of motioncan.

In order to obtain such an effect by taping the ankle, a special technique that only specialists who have mastered advanced taping is required.
ReaLine・With socks, anyone can easily and reliably improve the stability and mobility of the ankle joint.

It supports the feet of a wide range of people, from improving the performance of first-class athletes to the elderly who are unsure of their legs.


ReaLine・Socks Pro

ReaLine・SocksSpecial knitting structure with dense fiber structureBy creating a belt like taping, strong tension can be obtained and the ankle joint can be stabilized. Also, by combining light and strong tension, ankle motion can be controlled in a manner similar to advanced taping.

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The trouble with sprains is that once they are sprained, they are more likely to be repeated, leading to chronic ankle instability (CAI). To prevent this, the ankle joint must be stabilized.

Specifically, the posterior movement of the talus is important. It is necessary to fit the ankle joint by firmly fitting the talus into the distal tenon of the lower leg.

 Doing so may reduce instability, reduce the risk of sprains, and even reduce the load on the Achilles tendon.

In addition, it can be expected to improve performance by promoting the ball of the foot load.

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  • The part woven into the sock like a belt demonstrates the taping effect.
  • By improving the range of motion of dorsiflexion and eliminating or reducing ankle congestion, walking, climbing stairs, and squatting can be performed smoothly.
  • It emphasizes hip extension and encourages gluteus maximus activity during walking.
  • Slip the inside of the talus backward to improve ankle stability.
  • Improves ankle mobility to reduce lower leg swelling.


Q. How many times do you expect it to be used?
A. Zhou6In high school extracurricular activities, socks3a week while choosing a foot2When worn once, the effect is8from the week16I expect it to last for about a week. However, the following conditions may cause the fabric to stretch out quickly and reduce its effectiveness.

 ・When your feet are too big for the size of your socks

 ・Intense sports activities

 ・Inappropriate washing and drying

Q.When washing, is it okay to wash normally?
A. Wash in a net, do not use a dryer, avoid direct sunlight and dry in the shade. If you wash your socks in a washing machine without using a net, the socks will get entangled with other clothes and be stretched.

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1. This product is not a medical device. If you experience any physical discomfort, stop using this product immediately and consult your doctor.

2. The seller and manufacturer are not responsible for any accident, injury or injury, sports performance, or any other event that may occur while using this product.

3. The seller and manufacturer will not be held responsible if the product is damaged due to wear or if the customer has processed it themselves.

4. We will replace the initial failure of this product free of charge. from your purchase 1 Please contact the shop where you purchased it within a week. At that time, please be sure to present the record of the purchase date (receipt, sales record, etc.).

5. If you find an imitation or similar product of this product, immediatelySAVEPlease let us know.


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