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Realine SprintReaLine・What is a sprint?

Easy “RICE treatment” for sprains

ReaLineA splint is a simple device used to fix the ankle.
In particular, it is intended to reliably damp ankle plantar flexion (extending the ankle like standing on tiptoes).
It is used to maintain ankle dorsiflexion in order to prevent further damage to the affected area due to plantar flexion. 


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Protection of the affected area and plantar flexion braking from the onset of acute ankle sprain until the time when plantar flexion can be safely performedThose who want to do easily.

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How to UseInstructions

(1) Protection and rest: When ankle plantar flexion must be restricted,ReaLine・Affix the splint to the ankle joint.

(2) Elevation: Lay the user on his or her back, place the ankle joint on a chair, etc., and keep the ankle joint about 50 cm above the ground.

(3) Icing: Place an ice bag or plastic bag filled with ice on the ankle and fix it with an elastic bandage. At this time, an elastic bandage may be wrapped over the device. 

④ Compression: When icing, apply ice to the area around the ankle. 

ReaLine・ Sprint Detailed materials


LiThe Align Splint dampens ankle plantarflexion and does not dampen dorsiflexion.
It can reliably support the foot in the first aid treatment for the acute phase of sprains.

Please note that this product is not a medical device.
When using it for the treatment of diseases, be sure to seek the instructions and guidance of a doctor.


 Q.Can I walk while wearing the splint?
A.ReaLineA splint is a device for support and fixation. Please refrain from such use as it will be damaged if you put your weight on it.

Q.Size development is limited, how should I select the size of the sprint?
A. Please refer to the following applicable range and select.

・S size → 23.5 cm or less

・Medium size → 24.0-27.0cm

We recommend that you use it within the above range, but it is not intended for walking, so you may be able to use it with a foot size that exceeds the range.


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