Measures for knee problems: Normalizing the screw-home movement is the key

膝の不調対策: スクリューホーム運動の正常化が鍵

For everyone suffering from knee problems

I'm Kamata, the representative of GLAB. Today, I would like to tell everyone who is seriously considering how to deal with their knee problems something they should think about.

Precision Analysis of Knee Movement: Research Finds

Throughout my research career, I have worked on many projects to precisely analyze knee movement. Unfortunately, the typical methods of using cameras and attaching skin markers have a large margin of error.

Analytical methods using cutting-edge technology

Therefore, in order to remove the influence of skin movement and analyze knee movement more precisely, we adopted a method using X-rays (video). This technology was developed by Professor Scott Banks of the University of Florida, and I studied abroad at the University of Florida for 10 months in 2025 to learn this technology.

Measures for knee problems: Normalizing the screw-home movement is the key

After many years of research, it has become clear that the most important thing to do to treat knee problems is to "normalize the automatic rotational movement of the knee (screw-home movement)."

Repeated abnormal twisting movements can lead to premature wear of the meniscus and cartilage in the knee, so we are working hard to popularize specialized exercise therapy to improve this.

Rehabilitation leg press for improving abnormal knee movement

The "Rehaby Leg Press" was developed to solve this problem. It enables exercises that promote internal rotation and medial displacement, which are necessary to normalize abnormal knee twisting movements, and has now evolved into its third generation, becoming ultra-lightweight and compact.

Use the Rehab Leg Press as an Exercise Therapy

It can be easily moved and stored in limited spaces such as a closet at home or under a bed at a clinic. You can learn how to use it and how to teach it online.

Excellent cost-effectiveness

Compared to regular training and treatment equipment, it is affordable, highly reproducible, and the effects are immediate, encouraging continued visits to the clinic and rehabilitation.

Special offer: Sale of used items for rental

This time, we will be selling rental items, limited to 10 units. We will be offering items that have only been rented for 1-2 weeks at a low price (50-90% of the retail price depending on the condition). For inquiries, please contact us at Please contact us at

Reservations and selections

If you make a reservation on the page linked below, you can choose the one you want based on wear and price on a first-come, first-served basis. Let's improve your knee problems with the " Rehaby Leg Press ."

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