Interview with Yoshiki Hirano, a trainer who uses Realine

リアライン愛用トレーナー 平野芳樹さんインタビュー記事

Yoshiki Hirano (Judo Therapist / NSCA CSCS / Japan Sports Association Certified Athletic Trainer) is a trainer for professional athletes and teams.

They use Realine products every day for care and training!

This time, we interviewed Mr. Hirano about his experience using ReaLine products, so we'd like to introduce it to you!

Trainers, please take a look at this!


◎Please tell us about your favorite realignment device.

・Realine socks (Pro/Soft/Soft Long)

・Realign Core (TH/SI),

・Realign Balance Shoes for Knee and Ankle Joints

◎What were your impressions when you first used the ReaLine device?

It has an immediate effect, so I could feel the changes in my body right away.


◎Have you noticed any changes in other parts of your body (joints, etc.) before and after using the Realign device?

there was.


◎What benefits do you feel you get from using the Realign device?

I felt like I was able to reset my body to its natural human state and bring out the best in my physical abilities.


◎Apart from your specialty sport, in what other sports do you think the Realign device you use would be effective?

I think it's sports in general.

Can using a Realign device help prevent injuries?

I believe that good alignment will help prevent injuries.


◎Please tell us what goals you would like to achieve by using the Realign device.

We hope to use this to help improve the performance of our athletes.


◎ Please give us a message for people who are considering using the ReaLine device, including any recommended points.

It has an immediate effect, and you can immediately feel the changes in your body. With continued use, your body will return to normal and you will be able to bring out your natural physical abilities.



Mr. Hirano, thank you for taking the time to participate in this interview.

Thank you.


Click here for a list of the products that Hirano uses on his athletes.

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