Interview article Supported athlete Yukina Saigo

インタビュー記事 サポート選手 西郷 幸奈 選手

Yukina Saigo, a popular tennis player, is a lover of the Realign device!

This time, we interviewed Saigo about the Realign Device, so we'd like to introduce it to you!



Please tell us about your favorite products.

・Realine socks soft

・Realine Socks Pro


How did you find out about our products?

Recommended by coaches and trainers


◆What kind of ailments or physical problems did you have before using our products?

I have pronated feet, which makes my arches prone to collapse, and I would experience pain in my feet when playing multiple games in a row.

When the symptoms appeared, the pain prevented me from moving or performing as I wanted to.


◆In order to improve your problem, please tell us what you tried before using our product (other companies' products, medical history, diet, exercise, etc.).

Treatments to improve the condition of your feet, sole care, taping, etc.

What made you decide to use our products?

I wanted to use it based on my experience with other athletes, coaches, trainers, and clinics.

◆Please tell us how you felt when you were gathering information to solve a problem.

It was painful and I couldn't move the way I wanted to, and I desperately thought to myself, "If this continues, I won't be able to win, so I have to do something!"

◆Please tell us your impressions when you first started using our product, how it felt to use, how easy it was to use, the effects, etc.

At first, I used the Rearline Socks Pro, and I felt that my foot position and stability improved. Thanks to that, the pain was immediately relieved! I also felt that I could push harder than usual and kick the ground!


How has your problem changed as a result of using our product?

The pain that I couldn't do anything about has gradually decreased, and I can now move around on the court without anxiety! I can also push off and kick more easily than before, and my footwork and the way I use my feet have improved!


How has this changed your sports performance and your future?

I no longer feel pain even after playing consecutive games. I no longer have to bother with taping when I was in pain, and I no longer have to worry about it coming off, so I can concentrate more on my game. Also, since I started wearing the Realine socks, I feel like I can grip the ground, I'm more conscious of how I use my feet, and my footwork has improved.


What strong words of advice would you give to other athletes who are struggling with similar issues?

I would like athletes who have pain or problems with their feet to try this. I would also like those who use taping every day and those who tend to get blisters on their feet to try it. I don't have any pain right now, so I use the Realine Socks Soft. You can use them depending on your symptoms and condition at the time!



Thank you to Mr. Saigo for taking the time to participate in this interview.

thank you very much!


People who have foot problems like Saigo

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