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This item is only available in wide D/9cm heels.
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Liberación high heels
AM Collection
What is Liberation High Heels?

Do you have these concerns about high heels and pumps?

  • feet slide forward
  • toes are tightened
  • heels are puffy
  • Difficulty extending the knee
  • Unstable and swaying, I feel like I'm going to fall
  • The pelvis does not stand up and the posture collapses
  • I'm always irritated by the chain of pain
    Wearing Liberación gives instant relief from these pains.

The history of high heels is said to be 500 years. Despite being an important part of women's fashion, its comfort has not evolved. With Liberación, your feet won't slip forward. This allows you to effortlessly put your weight on your heels and straighten your knees. You will be impressed by the comfort, ease of standing, and ease of walking that will make you forget the pain of conventional pumps.

Do you think that shoes that are gentle on your feet are not fashionable?

  • Designed by a top designer living in Italy for 25 years with attention to detail
  • Special wooden shape that does not constrict your feet even with a stylish design
  • Foot support with an insole developed by "Dr. Distortion" who knows the foot well
  • Careful shoe making by domestic skilled craftsmen
    A miraculous fusion completes Liberación.

Liberation is not a so-called health shoe. These pumps will solve your dissatisfaction in terms of fashion, functionality, comfort and health. Sophisticated and simple forms, the development of wooden molds based on exhaustive research on Japanese feet, the development of insoles by researchers who have extensive knowledge of foot slippage and distortion, and the skill of shoemakers who integrate them. It can be said that it is a miraculous shoe that fuses all four elements of technology.

ReaLineMaking pumps using the know-how of

  • ReaLine(ReaLine) is the top brand for "distortion countermeasures"
  • 10 years after the launch of the first insole for high heels, the ultimate Liberation insole (5th generation) that makes high heels comfortable has been completed.
  • Invented by Dr. Kazuyoshi Kamata (Representative of GLAB), who is familiar with the distortion of the joints of the whole body (patented)
    Liberación x RealLine will eliminate your foot troubles.

ReaLine(ReaLine) is a top brand of "distortion countermeasures" that is used by medical and top athletes. "ReaLine・The insole developed by Kazuyoshi Kamata (doctor of science, physical therapist, athletic trainer), who advocates the concept, is built into the Liberation. After 25 years of research on feet and insoles, we have solved the difficult problem of building insoles into high heels, and completed Liberation pumps.

Eliminate worries about size and color with free try-on

  • First-time users try on 3 sizes (free shipping)
  • For the second and subsequent customers, try on 3 colors (free shipping)
  • Turn your home into a fitting room for free
    You can try it on with your clothes at home, so you will definitely be satisfied.

If you use the "free try-on at home" service, you can match the size at home, so you can definitely choose the best size anywhere in Japan. If you can't decide on a color, you can order up to 3 colors for free and try coordinating them. None of them cost you anything, even if you don't buy them. The trouble with trying on shoes at the shoe store was that you couldn't coordinate your clothes with your shoes. You can enjoy coordinating clothes with Liberation through Liberation's "Free Try-on at Home".


For those of you who feel that your shoes don't fit your feet as well as they used to.

  • When I was a teenager, any shoe would fit right away. but…
  • I'm starting to worry about the distortion of my legs.
  • My feet get tired easily and sometimes hurt.
  • Even after sizing, I can't find the right size.
    We recommend checking the distortion of the legs of "Distortion Doctor" Kazuyoshi Kamata. 

Kamata, our representative, has studied joint distortion for many years and has proposed many treatment and prevention methods for distortion. Along with the release of the Liberación AT collection, a distortion check service was launched in Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, and Nagoya (once a month each). In this service, we will analyze the state of the distortion of the foot and tell you the countermeasures according to the type. In some cases, the fit between the foot and the shoe can be optimized by changing the foot. Please contact us by email (