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This product is only available in width D/9cm heel.
If you would like to try it on for free, please check the terms and conditions on this page .

Liberación high heels
What are AM Collection Liberation High Heels?

Do you have any of these concerns about high heels and pumps?

  • Feet slide forward
  • The toes are pinched
  • The heels are flapping
  • Difficulty straightening the knee
  • It's unstable and I feel like I might fall over.
  • The pelvis is not upright and posture is compromised.
  • Always frustrated by the cycle of pain
    Put on Liberación and you'll find instant relief from all of this.

High heels are said to have a history of 500 years. Despite being an important part of women's fashion, their comfort has not evolved. When you wear Liberación, your foot does not slip forward. This allows you to effortlessly put your weight on your heels and stand with your knees straight. You will be impressed by the comfort, ease of standing, and ease of walking that will make you forget the pain of pumps.

Do you think that shoes that are gentle on your feet are not fashionable?

  • Designed by a top designer who has lived in Italy for 25 years, with attention to detail
  • A stylish design with a special wooden shape that does not constrict the feet
  • Foot support with insoles developed by a "foot doctor" who is an expert on feet
  • Carefully crafted shoes by skilled craftsmen in Japan
    Through this miraculous fusion, Liberación was created.

Liberation is not a so-called health shoe. It is a pump that will solve all your dissatisfaction in terms of fashion, functionality, comfort and health. It is a miraculous shoe that combines four elements: a refined and simple form, a wooden last developed after thorough research into Japanese feet, an insole developed by a researcher who is well-versed in front slippage and distortion of the foot, and the skilled techniques of a shoemaker who integrates all of these elements.

Making pumps using Realine's know-how

  • ReaLine is the top brand for "distortion prevention"
  • Ten years after the launch of the first insole for high heels, the Liberation insole (5th generation) is finally complete, making high heels more comfortable.
  • Invented (patented) by Dr. Kazuyoshi Kamata (GLAB representative), who has extensive knowledge of joint distortion throughout the body.
    Liberación × ReaLine will solve your foot problems.

ReaLine is a top brand of "distortion prevention" that is used in the medical field and by top athletes. Liberation pumps are equipped with insoles developed by Kazuyoshi Kamata (PhD, physiotherapist, athletic trainer), who advocates the "ReaLine Concept," a treatment theory for distortion prevention. After 25 years of research into feet and insoles, and solving the difficult problem of incorporating insoles into high heels, Liberation pumps were completed.

Free fitting eliminates worries about size and color

  • For first-time customers, you can try on three sizes (free shipping)
  • For second or subsequent customers, you can try on three colors (free shipping)
  • Turn your home into a fitting room for free
    You can try it on with your clothes at home, so you're sure to be satisfied.

By using the "Free Try-On at Home" service, you can try on the size at home, so you can be sure to find the perfect size no matter where you are in Japan. If you can't decide on a color, you can order up to three colors for free and try out different outfits. There is no charge for either option, even if you don't buy them. The problem with trying on shoes at the shoe counter is that you can't coordinate the shoes with the clothes you already own. With Liberation's "Free Try-On at Home" service, you can enjoy coordinating your clothes with Liberation.

For those who feel like their shoes don't fit their feet as well as they used to

  • When I was a teenager, any shoe would fit right in. But...
  • I'm starting to worry about the distortion of my feet.
  • My legs get tired easily and sometimes they hurt.
  • Even after trying different sizes, I can't find the right one.
    We recommend having your foot misalignment checked by "Doctor of Distortion," Kazuyoshi Kamata.

Our company representative, Kamata, has studied joint distortion for many years and has proposed many treatments and prevention methods for distortion. Together with the launch of the Liberación AT collection, we have started a distortion check service in Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, and Nagoya (once a month in each city). With this service, we analyze the state of your foot distortion and provide you with measures that are tailored to your type. In some cases, it may be possible to optimize the fit between your foot and your shoes by changing your foot. Please contact us by email (