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ReaLine SaddleReaLine・What is a saddle?

Pelvic care during travel time! "Pelvic training saddle"

ReaLine・The saddle is designed to lighten the movement of the pelvis and hip joints just by pedaling the bicycle. The three-dimensional seatpelvic floor musclesIt fits the unevenness of the bicycle and assists the pelvic floor muscles to slide against each other while pedaling, and prepares the pelvis.

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The number of people with pelvic disorders and problems is increasing

  • Long hours of desk work tend to harden around the pelvis
  • Opportunities to go out and outdoor activities decrease due to corona
  • don't have time for regular exercise
  • Insufficient functional recovery of the pelvis and pelvic floor muscles due to childbirth

A strong ally for those who have anxiety about their pelvis. Just attach it to your bike

  • Those who want to improve their posture
  • Those who feel a burden on the pelvis due to desk work
  • Athletes who use hip joints
  • Women who want to style around the pelvis
  • Postpartum people who want to revive their pelvic floor muscles


Concave-convex structure thought out

  • The unevenness of the saddle meshes with the unevenness of the pelvic floor muscles
  • The position of the sit bone is determined naturally, and you can sit in the optimal position automatically.
  • No instruction or explanation required, just ride and row
  • do not put pressure on the tailbone
  • Rainwater does not collect in the recess of the saddle

The indentation is where the sitting bones rest. By putting your weight on the sit bones, your pelvis will naturally stand up, your spine will grow, and your posture will be adjusted.

The convex part gently fits where the pelvic floor muscles slide against each other. By pedaling the bicycle in that state, the muscles will slide smoothly, and the stiff muscles will be activated.

As the stiffness of the pelvic floor muscles is relieved, the movement of the hip joints becomes lighter.

Concave and convex action

The convex part fits behind the superficial transverse perineal muscle and pushes the deep levator ani muscle. By pushing, the deep levator ani muscle tries to leave the superficial muscle. It also divides between the obturator internus and the levator ani, the muscles that twist the hip joint.

By pedaling in this state, the pelvic floor muscles and obturator internus muscles, which tend to adhere to each other, slide easily against each other. This well-researched saddle surface unevenness plays an important role in restoring the original movement of the pelvic floor muscles.


ReaLine・Dr. Kamata, who developed the saddle,ReaLineHe is an advocate of theories and variousReaLineHe is also the inventor of the product. thisReaLine・The saddle is the pre-sold Luty Perinerizer(photograph)Developed as a pelvic floor muscle training device for bicycles based on the patent (pending) of

*Reauty isReaLineAmong the products based on theory, it is a brand with the theme of “Recover Beauty” for postpartum women.

Comparison with Lute Perinerizer

Lutey Pernelizer

Exercise equipment specialized in activating the pelvic floor muscles. It was developed mainly for women whose pelvic floor muscles have weakened immediately after childbirth, and is used by treatment clinics and postpartum care salons nationwide.

It restores the movement of stiffened pelvic floor muscles and makes them easier to slide against each other, so you will be able to clearly notice the sluggish pelvic floor muscles as if you were asleep. Because it has the effect of activating the pelvic floor muscles in a short period of time, it is also used by people who suffer from urine leakage, vaginal sound, hot water leakage, and stool leakage.



This is a "pelvic training saddle" developed to naturally adjust the tilt of the pelvis, improve posture, and allow the pelvic floor muscles and hip joints to move comfortably during the simple exercise of pedaling a bicycle.

The unevenness of the pelvic floor muscles and the unevenness of the saddle mesh together, so there is no discomfort. It is an epoch-making product that allows you to adjust your pelvis just by pedaling a bicycle.


Developer introduction

Kazuyoshi Kamata Kazuyoshi Gamada

CEO of GLAB Co., Ltd.
Academic Degree/Qualification: Doctor of Science/Physical Therapist
Japan Sports Association Athletic Trainer 

educational background

Graduated from Department of Physical Education, Faculty of Education, University of Tokyo
Completed Graduate School of Education, University of Tokyo
Completed Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Colorado Health Science Center
Research Fellow, Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, University of Florida

work history

Director of Physical Therapy, Yokohama City Sports Medicine Center
Professor, Department of Rehabilitation, Faculty of Comprehensive Rehabilitation, Hiroshima International University 

Specialized field

・Treatment of sacroiliac joint pain and knee osteoarthritis
・Promotion of low back pain and prevention in industry, sports, before and after childbirth
・Care for prenatal and postnatal disorders

ReaLine ConceptReaLineabout the theory

From the advocate

As a physical therapist, I have dealt with the pain and worries of top athletes such as Olympic athletes and professional athletes for many years. Among them, as a treatment theory that works on joint distortion from the root,ReaLine・Invented the concept.ReaLine・Based on the concept, we are developing equipment for adjusting the joints for each part. (Kazuyoshi Kamata)

AttachHow to attach


before purchaseMatters to be confirmed

 ✓ Connections under the saddle are not rusted
 ✓ You can remove the saddle by turning the screw on the connection part yourself 
 ✓You can prepare the following tools by yourself
   ·Hex wrench(6mm) or spanner (13mm12-14mm

When connection fittings (yagura) are required

 ✓If the main body of the tower is rusted due to deterioration
 When the screw cannot be tightened firmly by screw licking

* Yagura is the following connection fittings. Used to connect metal pipes and saddles.



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