★What RealLine products can offer☆


RealLine products provide these four values.
・Comfortable joints 
・Release from anxiety 
・Powerful muscles 
・Performance improvement 
「ReaLine” means
ReaLine= re- (again) + align (align)
in short,
ReaLineWhat is
Joints that are distorted or lose their original motion
It means to arrange in an ideal state
It's a made up word.

When ideal joints are established

◎ Comfortable joints 
 → From heavy movements to light movements!
Get healthy joints that are mobile

◎ Release from anxiety 
 → Do not cause current and future injuries such as sprains that have become a habit!
Prevent current injuries from getting worse, prevent new injuries, and prevent old injuries from recurring.

◎ Powerful muscles 
 → Ideal joint movement improves training effects!
You can build strong and efficient muscles.

◎Performance improvement
 → Ideal joint movement maximizes performance!
You will be able to make the most of the power you have.

RealLine supports people who enjoy all sports.


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