what kind of insoles do you use?


Among the RealLine products this time,
many people use
Introducing insoles!
●ReaLine・The reason why insoles are chosen
1. Firmly supports the arch of the foot
2, non-slip, high grip
3, Fit power that fits anyone's feet

Insoles are readily available at sporting goods stores.
how do you choose?

feet get tired easily
getting heavy
pain comes
If you have problems such as
the arch of the sole of the foot
Choose something that will hold up well
One point!

ReaLine・The insole firmly supports the arch
because it has a structure
You will feel less tired.

The back of the insole has a comfortable hardness.
Since the pad that supports the arch can be fitted
You can customize it for yourself!

Also, keep your feet from slipping in your shoes.
with a firm grip
Easy to run, easy to stop, firmly grip the ground!
It has a positive effect on performance!

ReaLine・The insole is an active physical therapist,
I was in charge of treatment at the athletes' village at the Tokyo Olympics.
Kazuyoshi Kamata (@kazuyoshigamada) fits the feet of more than 2000 people
Born from the experience of handcrafting insoles.

It is possible to make something that "fits everyone's feet"
Because I've seen so many feet.

Sports such as soccer, futsal, baseball and basketball
Top players love it ☺️

I'd love to,ReaLine・Do you want to try the insoles?


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