Do you know? how to walk during pregnancy


Many changes occur in the body during pregnancy.

As I said in an earlier column,
Posture as your belly grows
The waist is extremely along,
Your back may become rounded.

How about walking?

Don't you think there is something special about the way pregnant women walk?

Look at how pregnant women walk
・ Crab legs
・The body is swaying sideways
There are so many people.

This way of walking
changes in posture as the belly grows
weight gain or change in center of gravity
is big
I am involved.

Also, to protect the precious baby in the womb
Unconsciously gentle walking,
so that the baby does not vibrate
I'm devising it.

Your mother is amazing, isn't she?

Therefore, this way of walking itself is not bad.
In a sense, it can be said that it can not be helped.

What Reauty wants to tell you is
This way of walking will continue even after giving birth!

You may be less active during pregnancy
Muscle strength and flexibility may be reduced.

Crab crotch during pregnancy, sideways walking has become a habit
Furthermore, when the body becomes stiff,
You may not be able to return to your original walking style.

Therefore, in Reauty, posture and walking
We have developed an item that can help you restore it!

I want to restore my walking style! Moms who are worried about
Please check it out ☺️


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