Posture tips during pregnancy


<Posture during pregnancy>

During pregnancy, you should take care of your body in the same way as before pregnancy.
Your posture will tend to change.

Especially when your belly starts to look bigger.
The change in attitude is noticeable.

◆Common postures during pregnancy◆
- Neck and head are forward
・The back becomes rounded
・Extreme arching of the back

This is a common posture seen among pregnant women,
In a sense, it can't be helped.
To support a growing belly
Because there are parts that are bound to collapse.

What Reauty wants you to know
The posture you maintain during pregnancy will remain the same after giving birth
This means there is a chance it will continue!

Dear postpartum moms,
Look at yourself from the side in the mirror
My neck is sticking out in front
My back is round
Have you ever thought that?

If you have such a problem
Try to stretch your chest at least once a day.

Please try stretching.
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