How to choose socks for sports. Recommended for those with a habit of spraining!ReaLine·socks


Are you particular about socks?

This timeReaLine・Introducing socks☺️

When you play sports
Are you particular about your socks?

I'm wearing sports socks anyway...
I have never chosen so carefully.

Isn't there some people like that?

Socks, like shoes, are one item that protects your feet.
It is very important to choose the one that suits you.

ReaLine・The reason why socks are chosen 👇
Prevents sprains
Extend your ankle range of motion
Integrate shoes and shoes

▶︎ Prevents sprains
"I've had a habit of spraining my ankles for a long time, and I've been doing my own taping, but I don't know if this will work.
I'm worried about my ankle, but I want to enjoy sports! "
ReaLine・Since the socks are made with a special knitting method,
We have heard that you can feel more secure than taping!

▶︎ Widen ankle movement
"If you use taping or a supporter, your ankles will be stiff and difficult to move...or else I'll feel uneasy."
ReaLine・While preventing sprains, socks are not rigidly fixed.
It guides and stabilizes bones in the correct position. Therefore, compared to when you are not wearing socks,
Ankle movement becomes smooth!

▶︎Shoes and shoes integrated
"When I turned around, my foot slipped in my shoe... it was a chance to score..."
ReaLine・Socks have non-slip on the back and sides of the feet!
Therefore, a sense of unity is created between the shoes and your feet, and you can feel the ease of running and the ease of turning back.

ReaLine・Socks are amazing!
If you are interested, please visit the product page below★

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