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<thoraxHave you ever paid attention to >

「thoraxFor those who have the concept of arranging
Maybe less.

but,thoraxis the arm, spine, pelvis, etc.
located very close to
Getting organized has many benefits!

thoraxBy arranging the chest, it becomes easier to open
Makes it easier to rotate.

Open your chest and move your arms a lot, such as baseball, swimming, or golf
It makes the operation smoother and easier.

In fact, many professional baseball players and professional golfers
I love it.

Also, a certain swimmerthoraxafter arranging
where I swam
"Easier to streamline"
We also have comments of joy!

It also has great advantages when training.
I think there are a lot of things to do with an open chest.

If the form is not correct at this time,
Maximize your training
You will not be able to pull it out.
in a highly effective form
can also train
It is very important ◎

In addition to the examples I just gave, it is used in various sports.
By arranging before a practice or game
It may change how you use your body ☺️

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