Insoles that can be used from 1 year old!


It can be said that it is the most popular among RealLine products
In fact, there are sizes that can be used since childhood
We offer!

Children's feet are so soft
It has the characteristic of being easy to deform in both good and bad directions.
There is a saying, "Up to 100 souls of triplets."
If the shape of the foot is also deformed into a bad shape at an early age,
It is possible that it will remain as an adult.

A bad transformation is, for example,
Flat feet with no arches
It will be given.
Without the arch of the foot, the muscles of the sole of the foot are easily damaged,
I get tired more easily,
Inadequate absorption of impact such as jumping
This may result in excessive strain on other joints.

In order to maintain the health of children's feet, which are prone to deformation,
ReaLine・We have developed a junior type insole!
structure isReaLine・Same as insole light
Gently support from the soles of your feet,
It is made so that the alignment of the bones comes to the optimal position.

Available in sizes from 12 cm, so from the beginning of walking at the age of 1
can be put in, but
Between the ages of 2 and 3, the use of mothers' cuddles and strollers decreases.
It's time to walk more.

Also, at the earliest, from the age of 3, it is a lesson 
Some children start playing sports
From that time on, I started sports activities in earnest.
We recommend that you start using it when you are in elementary school.

Some children have bigger feet when they reach the upper grades of elementary school,
In that case, not a junior type,
You can move from 22 cm for adults as it is.

Children's feet grow rapidly,
My shoe size doesn't fit right away
Although it is often lost,
As it is the simple insole which I only put in
It doesn't take long to replace!

How about an insole to protect your child's feet?

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