Preventing foot problems...Let's consider the value of insoles


Do you put your own insoles in your shoes?

In most cases, the shoes you buy already come with insoles. Today, I would like to tell you about the benefits of replacing the insoles with ones that fit your feet.

By changing your insoles, you may be able to reduce or prevent foot problems that have been bothering you.

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The role of insoles

First, let me briefly explain the role of insoles.

① Prevents foot fatigue. ② Makes walking and running more comfortable. ③ Improves standing posture. ④ Helps prevent deformation of the feet and toes. ⑤ Improves the usability of the feet themselves.

These are the benefits!

To explain in more detail, here are some things:

Prevents tired feet

One of the reasons for foot fatigue is that the arch of the foot sinks. You may have heard that people with flat feet get tired easily, and this is absolutely true.

Whether you play sports or work, your arches can gradually become lower as your muscles fatigue when moving around on your feet.

Insoles often have arch support, which can help reduce foot fatigue.

② Movements such as walking and running become more comfortable

3. Improve your standing posture

These two points mean that the cushioning effect of the insole and the fit of the foot to the shoe make it easier to walk and stand.

In addition, as with ①, arch support also helps to make movement smoother.

④ Helps prevent deformation of the feet and fingers

This is especially true for children with soft feet.

Children's feet are very soft and easily deformed. Not only can the feet become deformed, but the soles of the feet can also walk with a bias inward or outward, which can affect the knees.

Specifically, deformations such as bow legs and knock-knees occur.

To prevent such deformations, insoles that keep the feet in the correct position and increase the sense of unity between the shoe and the foot can be useful.

⑤ Improved usability of the feet themselves

This is a combination of benefits ① to ④, and by reducing foot fatigue, preventing slipping, and improving the sense of unity with your shoes, you can use your feet more comfortably in everything from everyday life to sports.

What are the benefits of using insoles?

Types of ReaLine insoles

In particular, the ReaLine insoles sold on this website have been designed to maximize the benefits listed above.

There are the following types. If you have even the slightest interest in insoles, be sure to take a look!

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