My shoes wear out quickly! My feet get tired easily! - My shoes are only wearing down on the outside -


hello everyone!

This may be a sudden question, but have you ever looked at the soles of your shoes?

Everyone has their own unique way of walking and running.

Among these, many people have probably noticed that the outside of their shoes is worn down.

This time, we will talk about the problem of the outside of your shoes wearing down.

Walking is an essential part of everyday life, but it can be a hassle if your shoes wear out every time you walk.

Having to buy new shoes is expensive, and people with worn-down feet tend to find that their feet get tired more easily.

Why does only the outside of the shoe wear down?

And why do your legs get tired?

One reason could be imbalances in posture and walking style.

If you walk or maintain a posture that puts pressure on the outside of your feet, the outside of your shoes will wear down quickly and become worn out.

The best solution to this problem is to change your posture and the way you walk.

The problem can be solved by adjusting the outside of the body so that pressure is not only on the outside. However, this is difficult to achieve just by being aware of it, and may require specialized knowledge.

Other methods include choosing shoes that fit you and putting insoles inside your shoes.

This method can be effective if you can find the right one, but it does take time and money to find one.

Without an effective solution, some people may feel that it is just not worth it and have to replace their shoes frequently.

However, if this condition continues for a long period of time, it may then affect your knees and hips.

All the joints in the body are interconnected, so if one joint deviates from normal, the other joints will also become abnormal.

Problems such as deformation, discomfort, and pain may occur.

So what I would like to recommend is to put insoles inside your shoes.

I mentioned earlier that choosing insoles can take time, but if you can find insoles that fit any foot, you can save that time.

What I would like to introduce to you is the "ReaLine Insole".

This highly functional insole was developed based on the experience of a physical therapist who has created approximately 2,000 pairs of custom-made insoles, and is optimized for Japanese feet.

Specifically, it is designed to keep the three dome-shaped structures called arches on the bottom of the foot in their correct position, allowing the shoe to fit properly in shoes and make walking easier.

By using these insoles, your walking style will naturally improve and the wear on the soles of your shoes will gradually improve. As a result, you may be able to prevent or reduce foot fatigue.

If the insoles you've tried so far haven't solved your problem, why not give these a try?

Find your favorite insole and enjoy walking in comfort.

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