Solving your swelling problems! What effect does swelling have on the body?


Stubborn fat! My belly fat is starting to become more noticeable...

The cause may be "swelling."

Do you know why swelling occurs?

✔ You are consuming a lot of salt

✔ Your body is dehydrated

✔ Hormonal imbalance

✔ Blood vessels around the uterus are compressed

✔ Poor circulation and easy chills

If any of the above applies to you, you are more likely to experience swelling. Even if you are careful in your daily life, swelling can occur due to some unexpected trigger.

What happens if you leave the swelling untreated?

・ Stubborn subcutaneous fat continues to increase

Swelling can occur all over the body. Even in slim women, it can make the face look rounder. The effect is hidden by the subcutaneous fat, making it difficult to see.

However, when you treat swelling, you will be surprised at the changes that occur. The fact that the changes occur immediately means that a large amount of excess water is lost to the subcutaneous fat.

It may cause poor health

The effects of swelling are not just cosmetic.

If swelling persists for a long time, it can cause skin problems, sensitivity to cold, headaches, and other health problems.

・Muscle fatigue and other issues that affect performance

In the case of athletes, muscles may become fatigued more easily, fatigue may be harder to recover from, or the body may feel heavy.

It can be said that treating swelling is essential to regaining smooth joint movement.

Is there no other way? Should I just accept that I have a tendency to get bloated and give up on trying to improve it?

Only if you are experiencing this issue please read on.

If you feel like you are prone to swelling, what measures are you taking?

✔ Moderate exercise

✔ Review your diet

✔ Massage to improve lymphatic flow

✔ Proper hydration

✔ Posture improvement and stretching

These measures can be effective if incorporated into daily life as habits, but they can be difficult for anyone to continue because of busy days, fatigue, loss of motivation, and the time it takes to see results.

In addition to these common causes of swelling, there is also compression of blood vessels and lymphatic vessels. When blood vessels adhere to surrounding muscles, they are compressed or crushed where they curve, reducing blood flow. To treat swelling caused by these factors, it is necessary to identify the compression of the blood vessels and release the adhesions.

Have you ever seriously considered blood vessels and lymphatic vessels? Problems with "fascia" that cause swelling

Fascia is found in every corner of the body, existing in the gaps between muscles, nerves, organs, etc. First, to help you understand the mechanism of swelling, I will explain the deep relationship between fascia and swelling.

① What is Fascia?

Fascia is the tissue that surrounds muscles, internal organs, nerves, and blood vessels. For example, the fascia that surrounds muscles is called fascia. Fascia spreads throughout the body and greatly influences each and every organ.

② Problems with blood vessels and lymphatic vessels that cause swelling

Swelling occurs when fluid that should be returning to the heart is trapped in the extremities, which includes the arms, legs, stomach, and back.

Blood vessels and lymphatic vessels pass through the body wrapped in fascia. Normally, fascia just fills the gaps, but in some places, fascia can become hard and difficult to move. As a result, blood vessels and lymphatic vessels become buried inside it, and their flow becomes poor.

3. Areas prone to swelling

Places where blood vessels and lymphatic vessels gather include the groin (in front of the hip joint), the armpit (under the arm), the neck, and the inside of the abdomen. Adhesion is less likely to occur in these areas because the joints move frequently.

However, inflammation, pressure while sleeping, tightness from girdles or belts, and self-care using strong massage or balls can cause fascial adhesions, and these adhesions do not resolve naturally.

4. Most "methods to reduce swelling" are wrong

Swelling occurs when fluid accumulates under the skin. Lymphatic massage is effective in draining lymphatic fluid, but the effect is temporary.

It is important to release adhesions in the fascia and create an environment that allows moisture to flow easily.

Why not try Realine Lab's "Swelling Care"? What is Swelling Care?

In treating swelling, we release adhesions in the fascia around the veins and lymphatic vessels, helping the veins and lymphatic vessels return fluid to the heart. This reduces swelling, which in turn improves your appearance and physical condition.


The technique used in treating swelling is inter-tissue release, which involves using hands to break up fascial adhesions.

First, by precise palpation, we identify the nerves and blood vessels that are being compressed and determine where the adhesions are. Next, we grasp the hardened fascia and loosen it by melting it. There is almost no pain.


These methods are original techniques devised by Kazuyoshi Kamata (physiotherapist, doctor of science), who runs Realign Lab. In general, precise palpation and inter-tissue release are used in hospital rehabilitation treatments to treat pain, increase the range of motion of joints, and improve muscle function. As a medical licensed doctor who has been involved in the treatment of various illnesses and injuries, he is able to find fascia conditions that are different from the normal.

Former university professor. Specializing in the precise analysis of joint movement, he has supported many graduate students in obtaining their doctorates and has published over 80 international papers.

In order to promote inter-organizational release, he has experience instructing over 5,000 physical therapists and judo therapists through seminars and other means.

Painless swelling care

Swelling care is almost painless and relaxing. Most people feel drowsy after the treatment.

I've been finding new areas that are causing swelling and the swelling in my legs has improved each time, so it's been a journey full of new discoveries.

You will feel the change immediately. Please give it a try.

What is Realign Lab?

● Therapist

At ReaLine Lab, swelling care is provided directly by Kazuyoshi Kamata, the creator of swelling care.


We usually have swelling care salons in Tokyo (Shibuya) and Higashi-Hiroshima. In addition, we set up reservation slots at hotels in Kamata, Hakata, Osaka, Nagoya, and other places where you may be on a business trip.

*Due to limited reservation slots, reservations may take up to one month in advance. If you are in Higashi-Hiroshima, we may be able to accommodate your reservation request outside of the usual slots. Please contact us here for inquiries.

● Fees

Head and neck swelling care (2 hours) 150,000 yen

Whole body swelling care (2 hours) 100,000 yen

Partial swelling care (1 hour) 60,000 yen

● Examples of effectiveness

I have posted amazing changes of many of my clients on Instagram. Most of them are before and after one swelling treatment, and in a few cases, before and after two treatments.

Swelling care menu

Head and neck (facial) swelling care/Reduces swelling in the head, neck and face

Whole body swelling care/Reduces swelling of the whole body (upper body, lower body, trunk) except for the head and neck

Partial swelling care

Reduces swelling in the upper body, lower body, or trunk

If you are concerned about swelling or would like to try some treatments to reduce it, this information may be helpful. Swelling can be caused by a variety of factors, and proper treatment is required to eliminate it.

ReaLine Lab's swelling care is one method to improve swelling by eliminating adhesions in the fascia. We provide detailed information, so if you are interested, please consider it.

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