Interview article Supported athlete Yukari Miyahara

インタビュー記事 サポート選手 宮原 ゆかり 選手

Yukari Miyahara, who is currently active as a futsal player,
People love using ReaLine devices!

This time, Yukari Miyahara talks about Realign Devices
I had the opportunity to interview him, so I'd like to introduce it to you.




◎Please tell us about your favorite Realign device.

・Realine socks (Pro/Soft/Soft Long)


◎What were your impressions after using the Realign device?

I think it stabilizes the ankle and reduces the risk of injury.


◎Have you noticed any changes in your body before and after using the ReaLine device?

The ankle is stable.


◎What benefits do you feel you get from using the Realign device?

I think it will help create a body that is less prone to injury.


◎In what sport do you think your Realign device is particularly effective?

Sports with high sprain rates


Can using a Realign device help prevent injuries?


there is.


◎Please tell us what goals you would like to achieve by using the Realign device.

The goal is to reduce injuries and have a more flexible body.


◎ Please give us a message for people who are considering using the ReaLine device, including any recommended points.

I recommend this for people who use tape every time as a preventative measure, as it provides enough support for your feet!



Thank you, Miyahara, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to participate in this interview!


Click here to see the Realign device used by Miyahara▼


Please feel free to use this as a reference!


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