Interview article: Supported athlete Kyoya Kanesu

インタビュー記事 サポート選手 金須 恭弥 選手

Kyoya Kanesu , an active futsal player, is a lover of the Realign device!

This time, we interviewed Kanesu about the Realign Device, so we'd like to introduce it to you!


◎Please tell us about your favorite Realign device.

・Realign insole (Sports/Light/Lute Sole)

・Realine socks (Pro/Soft/Soft Long)

◎What were your impressions after using the Realign device?

I've been using ReaLine socks and insoles, and I feel that they have really stabilized my ankles, which I think has helped reduce the risk of injury.

Also, while playing futsal, which involves a lot of physical contact, I feel a great sense of stability when my body collides with something and less shaking when I shoot.

◎Have you noticed any changes in your body before and after using the ReaLine device?

I used to have a lot of ankle injuries, but since I started using Realine products, the number of injuries such as sprains has decreased significantly.


◎What benefits do you feel you get from using the Realign device?

I feel that this has led to injury prevention and stable play.

Also, since my sport mainly involves using my feet, I don't like being tightly taped, so I'm very grateful that I can move my ankles freely while also feeling a sense of stability.

◎In what sport do you think your Realign device is particularly effective?

Futsal, soccer, basketball

Can using a Realign device help prevent injuries?

It provides great stability to the ankle, helping to prevent injuries such as sprains.

◎Please tell us what goals you would like to achieve by using the Realign device.

He currently plays for a team in the second division of the Japan Futsal League.

This season, with the help of the Realign Device, I hope to achieve promotion to the first division through stable, injury-free play.

◎ Please give us a message for people who are considering using the ReaLine device, including any recommended points.

I would definitely recommend Realine to anyone who has concerns about their ankles, or who wants to prevent injuries or improve stability when playing. Personally, I'm not a fan of taping, so I'm drawn to the fact that you can feel the effects without having to use tape. Please give it a try.


Thank you, Kanesu, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to participate in this interview!

Click here to see the Realign device used by Kanesu.

Please feel free to use this as a reference!

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