Interview article Supported athlete Tomohiko Murayama

インタビュー記事 サポート選手 村山 智彦 選手

Tomohiko Murayama , a soccer player, is a lover of the Realign device!

This time, we interviewed Murayama about the Realign Device, so we'd like to share it with you!


◎Please tell us about your favorite Realign device.

Realign Insole (Sports/Light/Ryuty Sole)

◎What were your impressions after using the Realign device?

My ankles feel more stable and there's no more slipping around in my spikes.

◎Have you noticed any changes in your body before and after using the ReaLine device?

I haven't noticed any particular changes in my body, but I feel like I'm getting injured less.


◎What benefits do you feel you get from using the Realign device?

You can concentrate on the competition.

◎In what sport do you think your Realign device is particularly effective?


Can using a Realign device help prevent injuries?

I think it will be preventative.

◎Please tell us what goals you would like to achieve by using the Realign device.

I want to always be on the pitch.

◎ Please give us a message for people who are considering using the ReaLine device, including any recommended points.

No matter how much I explain it in words, it's difficult to fully convey it because it's a sensory aspect.

I recommend you try it once.


Thank you, Mr. Murayama, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to participate in this interview!

Click here to see the Realign device used by Murayama▼

Please feel free to use this as a reference!

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