Pain in the lower back and buttocks won't go away! How to relieve problems around the pelvis after childbirth


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This time, I would like to talk about some common concerns that arise after giving birth.

During childbirth, the pelvic ligaments are stretched rapidly, causing ligament damage similar to that caused by a sprain.

In addition, hormones can cause the pelvis to become loose, making it more susceptible to distortion. After giving birth, childcare activities such as holding a baby in an awkward position or holding the baby for a long time can put a lot of strain on the loosened pelvis.

Previously, I was consulted by a woman who had been suffering from severe sacroiliac joint pain after giving birth to twins, to the point where she could not even stand up. She was hit with severe pain every time she tried to perform the activities necessary for daily life, such as lying down in bed, getting up from a chair, or holding her baby, and was in a situation where she could hardly hold her newborn baby.

Because the pain was so strong, I imagined that her pelvis must have been quite distorted, but it was just as bad as the pelvises of people with back pain that I usually see. However, what was unusual was that she had strong adhesions on the outside of her pelvis (gluteus medius, gluteus minimus), probably because she spent more time sleeping on her side during pregnancy and turned less in bed. When these muscles become stiff, the action of opening the top of the pelvis outward becomes stronger just by standing, and the force that pulls the sacroiliac joint apart becomes stronger.

For this reason, we used a technique called inter-tissue release to carefully release the adhesions that had spread to the gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, and even the hip joint capsule, allowing her to regain flexibility. This reduced the pain experienced during basic movements by about half. However, perhaps because this made the sacroiliac joint easier to move, the occasional sharp pain felt even more intense. The pelvis had been in a state of widening due to muscle adhesions, but as the adhesions were removed, the sacroiliac joint became more easily attached. To combat this, it is necessary to thoroughly train the muscles that tighten the pelvis, such as the gluteus maximus.

It is not easy to effectively train the gluteus maximus when the pelvis is loose. This is because the act of working the gluteus maximus itself causes the pelvis to become unstable. To address this issue, we have patients wear a device called the Realign Core SI when they do their training. The Realign Core is a belt-like device that aligns the pelvis symmetrically and tightens the sacroiliac joint. By wearing it, you can create the ideal position for your pelvis and train your muscles to remember that state.

When you wear the Realign Core SI , your pelvis will not be unstable, so you will hardly experience any sudden, sharp pain, and you can exercise with peace of mind. Since you cannot suddenly start doing strenuous exercises, you should start with light exercises such as stepping, rocking your pelvis sideways, and slowly rotating your pelvis to make it easier to move your hip joints while keeping your pelvis fixed. Gradually, you can increase the variety of exercises and even do squats and forward and backward bending.

After about a month, the frequency and intensity of the pain in her daily life gradually decreased, and she returned to work about three months after starting treatment. Since then, she has continued to work while raising her twins, despite some pain.

By the way, the Realign Core is not something you wear all the time like a pelvic belt, but is only worn for 10 minutes at a time. You exercise during those 10 minutes and repeat this several times a day. Wearing it makes it easier to move, so you can also do housework for 10 minutes only.

The Realign Core costs over 100,000 yen, so it is usually used in orthopedic surgeries and bone setting clinics. If you are an individual who wants to use it at home, it seems that many people use the rental system, which allows you to rent it by the week, rather than purchasing it.

The above care can be received at ReaLine Lab in Hiroshima or at a salon in Shibuya, Tokyo.

If you are interested, please contact us.

For those who are worried about rib deformation
We also recommend the Realign Core to those who are concerned about rib deformity.
This is to align the pelvis and ribs in the ideal position while strengthening the muscles.
It is an exercise aid that can help you train.
Athletes, postpartum women, people with back problems, etc.
There are many users, so please feel free to use it.
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